They say girls are mediocre drivers. But who says there is any race going on the road.

Richa Khare
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“You drive so slowly!” “No! Don’t overtake like this.” “For God’s sake now drive properly, for how many years are you driving anyways?”

These are some of the comments we keep hearing from our male counterparts all through our lives. Be it our father, brother, boyfriend, or husband. Each time, they find faults with our driving techniques and hence excuse us to not let us drive.

I dread driving with my husband in the passenger seat for this reason. Instead of hearing running commentary the whole time, I prefer sitting on the side, even though I love driving and he hates it.

A man and woman were made very different from each other. All of us have read the book “Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus.” That book is extremely true in most cases — both of us have our own qualities and properties.

Man and woman were made to be complementary and not supplementary.

Women have their own qualities, as they were conditioned to be multitaskers. Men on another hand were required to focus on only one thing at a time, making them more focused and concentrated for any job. Driving is such a technique that requires full concentration and spatial abilities.

It is usually seen that a boy will learn to drive very quickly and can efficiently judge the distances between an object and his car owing to his adventure and risk-taking nature. Women, usually take more time to learn because they concentrate more on safety and planning.

Even when we are on the road, the difference is very obvious. Without knowing the driver, it's often possible to judge whether it is a man or woman just by watching the vehicle. Women drive more cautiously and safely without taking unwanted risks. Men, however, are born adventurers who like to take risks just for fun. Many times we can see someone overtaking a vehicle on a single laned road even with traffic approaching fast from the opposite side. Almost 100% of the time, the driver is a male.

But does all this make us women not fit for driving? Should we not bother at all with wheels at hand and pedal at feet?

No. Because there’s no competition going on for the best driver which anyone of us has to win to be able to drive. We drive for our convenience and freedom.

Our main point of driving is to reach from point A to Point B. If we are able to do this properly on time without harming anyone on the way, then I don't suppose anyone should have a problem.

How we are driving and what techniques we are using shouldn’t be anyone’s business. And anyway, our cautiousness and alertness award us with fewer accidents on road. Granted that we sometimes graze our cars in the parking but its many times better than getting smashed on the road at full speed while overtaking.

Looking at the statistics, it can easily be concluded that more men are involved in accidents than women. Some may say that it's because there are fewer women on road but still the difference is huge. This can be attributed to men’s overconfidence, aggression, and risk-taking behaviour.

Today women have to take on many roles in a day: a mother, a cook, a grocery shopper, picking and dropping kids from school, taking them to classes…and the list goes on. It’s essential that we drive otherwise it becomes very difficult to manage everything. With a car, our lives become much easier without being dependent on anyone. A father just leaves for work in the morning and comes back in the evening and takes his family for occasional outings on the weekends. That’s it.

It’s more important for women to learn driving and to own a car than men.

Still, today, very few women actually get a license — and fewer ever own a car. We rely on local transport or husbands for our daily chores. It’s mainly because it’s an established fact in minds of everyone that a woman will not drive properly and may damage the car or themselves in the process.

Most of the time, the car’s well being is considered more than a woman’s comfort and freedom.

Today I want to call out all women to leave inhibitions and come out and drive as much as they want. You are driving for your freedom and ease in life, not to enter a Formula One Racing Competition.

You, too, have the right to drive and own a car, even if you are not a good driver in someone's eye.

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