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The Banning of Foie Gras is my Breaking Point

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW

It seems a ‘cruelty concern’ is inciting NYC to ban foie gras in 2022! Apparently gavage aka force feeding is a ‘bad thing’. So, amid famished rats overrunning New York, and the soaring lawlessness that’s coinciding with the ‘abolish law enforcement’ movement, Mayor Dumblasio made it a priority to sign an animal rights bill prohibiting the sale of this gastronomic delicacy.

Now I can take massive homelessness, pandemic starvation, escalating gun violence, an obsolete healthcare system and a broken infrastructure, but THIS is madness! How can I shelter in place without pâté? Isn’t it my God given right to eat fattened duck liver (preferably with lightly toasted fruit bread!)?

During a time of unmitigated upheaval foie gras is needed more than ever.

The masses are up in arms from economic devastation and nationwide hunger, or as the clever elitists prefer to call it, food insecurity. In homage to the elitists and the peasants of the French Revolution I say let them eat foie! If we’re going to crash and burn, let’s gorge on haute cuisine with reckless abandon! It is sacrilege to deny us that option.

In desperation I implore, humans before ducks!

In light of this unjust governmental interference I shudder to consider what other civil liberty violations will follow. Curfews? Remote spying? The death of free speech, art? Toppling of historical statues? The banning of books? A new PC lexicon? Oh right, that’s already happened. Nevertheless, as egregious as life as we know it has been, this imminent ban is a true measure of just how recklessly we are spiraling out of control.

Given the sheer madness, unless other enraged foie gras activists take a stand to reverse this law, I will eventually have to move to a place where foie gras continues to endure. In the meantime, in a city that has the most therapists per capita, there’s plenty of innovative remote treatment out there to keep folks from going over the edge, especially as the looming loss of foie gras threatens our quality of life.

Lord willing we’ll survive this travesty and manage to persevere in the days ahead. Bon appétit!

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New York City, NY

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