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Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio, a city steeped in history, brimming with culture, and exploding with modern attractions, welcomes travelers to discover the old and explore the new. Tours, festivals, and seasonal events provide opportunities to learn about historical significance. In their various neighborhoods, they can shop, drink, and eat at local favorites. San Antonio's numerous cafés, like those in all major cities, provide drinks and snacks that are distinctive.

5. CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery Hemisfair

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery started in January 2015. They create a one-of-a-kind coffee experience that reflects their mission's core values. CommonWealth is committed to bringing you the best cup of coffee and authentic French pastries prepared from scratch every day, so stop by and try them.

4. What's Brewing Coffee Roasters

What's Brewing Coffee Roasters is a no-nonsense coffee roaster that knows that people enjoy their coffee in a variety of ways. They've been serving a wide range of coffees for nearly 40 years, from light roasted single origins to carefully designed and darkly roasted blends. Their coffee is always freshly roasted, specialty graded, and wonderful!

3. Coffee Me Crazy

For years, Coffee Me Crazy has been pursuing their ambition of operating a small coffee shop/bakery. The Cafe Au' Lait, a New Orleans-style blend of roasted chicory and freshly roasted coffee with steamed milk, is their signature coffee. You can also have a blueberry muffin, which is fantastic with it.

2. Local Coffee

Local Coffee, which first opened its doors in 2009, is widely regarded as San Antonio's birthplace of specialty coffee. All of their lattes, from Cortado to Salted Caramel, and from Mocha to Matcha Latte, are on the menu and must be tried, as well as their Dark Chocolate Almond Latte, which is the greatest of all.

1. Press Coffee

Press Coffee is a local traditional coffeehouse that serves some of the city's best coffee. A must try is their Cold Brew, which is dark roast coffee that has been cold brewed for 24 hours to perfection. Also, the Latte, which consists of a double espresso and steamed micro-foam whole milk, is fantastic.

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