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Top 5 Most Popular Korean Restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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5. Mr. Kim’s

Mr. Kim’s is the perfect atmosphere for those looking for a great date night, romantic lighting, and flavorful dishes. This Americanized restaurant still ensures many essential Korean BBQ qualities. The waiters are willing to grill for you if you choose not to grill for yourself, allowing first-times to experience traditional food and flavors. Not only is their food delicious, but they also offer fantastic cocktails that are perfectly balanced with liquor and flavor.

4. Sura, Korean and Japanese Cuisine

The hidden gem that is Sura’s has more sushi rolls than one could ever imagine. The small ad unassuming place is stocked with amazing food and service that is half the price of other fancy restaurants. Their Korean BBQ is also full of flavor that will certainly satisfy your cravings. The nice, casual atmosphere is inviting to anyone looking for Korean and/or Japanese dishes.

3. Korean Garden

Varying portion sizes still don’t fight the fact that each dish is worth every penny. Everything is packed with flavor and can be altered to meet any personal preference. Side dishes are endless and exceed expectations. The friendly environment is also buzzing with wait staff that is kind and willing to help. With a menu as long as the one at Korean Garden, there is something for everyone and something new to try each time you stop by.

2. Gogi Gui Korean Grill

This cute place has a super friendly staff and is highly recommended for those looking for appetizing Korean food. It is one of the most authentic Korean restaurants in the Tulsa area. Their menu is limited, but whatever you choose is sure to be mouthwateringly delicious. The sides are also absolutely fantastic as well.

1. Seoul Bistro

With several sides, meals, and teas, there is so much to try at Seoul Bistro. They also have great vegetarian options. Portions are served generously, ensuring that you are getting more bang for your buck. Servers are friendly and always happy to provide recommendations when customers need guidance.

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