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Top 5 Most Popular Jamaican Restaurants in Bellevue, Washington

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5. Lil Red’s Takeout and Catering

Lil Red's Takeout and Catering has been a local favorite for over 6 years. We offer authentic Jamaican food cooked to perfection by our renowned chef. Our restaurant is known for its beautiful outdoor surroundings, Caribbean atmosphere, delicious food, and service with a smile.

4. Jerk Shack

Jerk shark is a traditional technique for smoking and grilling foods that originated in Jamaica. The word comes from the jerk or poking motion of pushing meat into the ground so it's closer to the fire. Jerk Shack uses authentic methods to prepare their dishes, marinating local meats, seafood, and vegetables in spices, herbs, and citrus juices like lime, orange, and grapefruit. For a real taste of Jamaica, head here with friends and share a platter while sipping some of their house cocktails. In fact, some say that what the Chinese are to rice, the Jamaicans are to jerk

3. Jamaican Island Cuisine

A Jamaican island Cuisine will satisfy your craving for Jamaican food and island culture while raising your palate to a new taste experience! Accents of native herbs and spices add interest to even the most simple seasonings. The restaurant is set in a bright, airy bungalow with more than 30 years of experience, including serving celebrities. The menu includes jerk chicken, curry goat, and vegetarian dishes with live music on the weekends.

2. Just Like Home Jamaican Kitchen

Just Like Home Jamaican Kitchen serves authentic, flavorful, and traditional foods. Most of the ingredients used are imported from Jamaica to maintain freshness, authenticity, and great flavors. The chef cooks with no preservatives or fillers making every plate taste like it’s from home.

1. Taste of the Caribbean

If you love the spicy flavors of Jamaican food, then this is the place for you. It is the top best restaurant. Specialties include jerk chicken and pork, Oxtail stew with butter beans, Jamaican Curry Chicken/Beef/Goat, and lots more. Everything’s delicious!

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