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Top 5 Most Popular Italian Restaurants in Kansas City, Kansas

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Kansas is a beautiful city, but it becomes even more beautiful when you have your favorite restaurant list. If you love Italian cuisine, you can check below for the five best popular Italian restaurants worth your time and money.

1. Carmen’s Café

Carmen’s Café is an excellent place to enjoy your favorite Italian dish. The location is peaceful with a relaxed atmosphere good for any romantic dinner. Their staff are very attentive and serve the most delicious dishes, ranging from seafood, gnocchi, veal marsala, chicken lemonnat, and others. The restaurant is very spacious and has a wooden bar that serves the best drinks.

2. Cupini’s

Cupini’s is a highly ranked Italian restaurant for offering the best Pasta that is homemade from scratch. The restaurant is very classic, and it pays attention to ensuring its customers receive the bests services and meals. Their menu highlights meals like lasagna slabs, gluten-free Pasta, ravioli, and others.

3. Garozzo’s Ristorante

Garozzo’s Ristorante, located along Harrison Street, is a real restaurant offering delicious and authentic Italian dishes. The place is perfect for a romantic dinner and happy family gathering. They provide fantastic dishes like fettuccine alfredo, jumbo prawns, lasagna, and a great wine list.

4. Ragazza Food & Wine

Ragazza Food and Wine is a great place offering authentic Italian dishes and wine. Their services are the best of their professional team, and they serve great meals in a casual and warm atmosphere. Their specialty includes Italian sausage, pork chop, meatball Grande, and others.

5. Trezo Mare

Trezo Mare is an Italian restaurant famous for its delicious dishes and good wine list. Although their drinks and dishes are a little pricey, it is worth it. Their team is dedicated to ensuring they provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all their customers by offering the best services. They allow reservations, and you can order their catering services for any occasion.

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