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Restaurant Review: Peruvian Flavors

Rene Cizio
Peruvian FlavorsRene Cizio

If you want to try something different for lunch or dinner, stop by Peruvian Flavors. I’m always looking to try new foods and experiences, so when I spotted this little restaurant on State Street in downtown Hurricane, I knew I’d try it.

The restaurant is nondescript except for the sign, so you must look for it. It wasn’t busy the times when I drove by and even when I eventually pulled into the small parking lot. I wasn’t sure they were still in business. There was nobody inside and it looked a bit unkempt, like it may be permanently closed.

I left the car running and ran up to check the door and lo and behold; they were open.

It’s one of those places where the menu is on a wall and you order from a cash register. They give you a little sign with a number to place on a table to receive your order.

I was the only person in the restaurant the entire time I was there. The young woman working the register wasn’t very friendly or helpful, as she stared blankly at my questions, unable to explain the food. After a while, I was able to figure out what the items were and placed my order.

On the menu are some familiar items like empanadas, beans and fried plantain. The menu is vaguely reminiscent of Mexican food, without the chips and tortillas. There are also things called Arepas and Pabellon Criollo, a type of meat sandwich or meat and beans served on a plate, respectively.
Peruvian FlavorsRene Cizio

Since nobody else was there and the atmosphere wasn’t very inviting, I asked for a carry-out. I ordered the chicken arepas sandwich, a chicken empanada, a side of fried yucca and for dessert the Arroz Con Leche, though I wasn’t exactly sure what the dessert was made of.

The fried yucca was the best I’ve ever had. Served with an unidentifiable mayonnaise-based green sauce, they were the perfect sized perfectly fried. The few other times I’ve had them, I found them too firm and dry.

The chicken arepas sandwich was served on a homemade round bread of some sort of mash fried in butter. It was pretty good, with a crisp texture, though very greasy and fragile. I opted to eat it on my plate with a knife and fork. The shredded chicken inside was of a stewed quality and had an exciting and delicious flavor, though several small bones kept me on alert.

The empanada was much the same, except it was made in a holdable pocket. Unlike other empanadas I’ve had, this dough was made of mash, not a crisp dough.

I didn’t receive the desert in my bad, so I never learned what that was.

Overall, the food at Peruvian flavors was unique and delicious. It’s a decent place to stop for a quick bite if you’re interested in trying something different than traditional offerings around town.

Find Peruvian Flavors at 68 W State St, Hurricane or call (435) 703-6216.

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