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11 Quick Stories About Awesome Women for International Women's Month

Rene Cizio

Happy International Woman's Month. Let's celebrate together with these stories I found recently that made me proud of my fellow ladies.

Madam Vice President

When I was a girl, I thought everything worthwhile had already been done and lamented why I couldn’t have been born into a more interesting time. Well, look at us now. History is made every day in our world. As a woman, this was a proud moment.

The Chicago Tribune wrote, “Kamala Harris may be the first woman to serve as vice president of the United States, but her inauguration last week also marked the first time an American of South Asian descent was elected to such a high national office.”

Amanda Gorman.

And then there was Amanda Gorman. Oh my Gawd. I aspire to be so well-spoken one day.

I was also so, so glad to see poetry receive some attention. My love of writing started with poetry, though I was told I could never make a living at it, so I gave it up for the more lucrative and fulfilling factory life (LOL, seriously).

I wonder what my old naysayers would think about Gorman’s THREE SOLD OUT poetry books?

CNN: "Amanda Gorman's three books will get one million first prints due to overwhelming demand."

Sonia Sotomayor

This too … our nation was on fire this past Inauguration Day. It was different and gratifying to see so many women recognized, honored, and claiming their seats at the table.

World’s Oldest Olympic Champion is a Woman – and she just turned 100

Keleti, a Hungarian like me, won 10 Olympic medals in gymnastics when women and Jews were not exactly welcome. It was her steadfast determination that pulled her through and kept her going to this day.

The Guardian wrote, “Having won her first national title at 16, she was expecting to compete at the Tokyo Games scheduled for 1940. Instead, she was expelled from her gymnastics club for being Jewish and forced to go into hiding. ‘I managed to buy the identification papers of a Christian girl, she was around the same age as me,’ she said in a recent interview. “In Hungary, all the Jews were required to wear a yellow star for identification but I refused. With my false papers, I managed to escape to the country. I stayed in a remote village and found work as a maid.'”

Maya Angelou Doll Flies So Fast it’s Like She Has Wings (she does)

Mattel has been killing it with their Inspiring women Barbie series. Other dolls include Ella Fitzgerald, Susan B. Anthony, Sally Ride, Billy Jean King, Rosa Parks, and Florence Nightingale.

I want them all.

4 Agency Women Receive Well-Deserved Promotions

Adweek wrote that the women have a collection of 20+ years of service with the agency, and while acknowledging how awesome it is that received this recognition, it’s a reminder of how long it has taken and what a big deal it is. If these were men, it likely would have happened with 10 fewer years.

“In general, women hold far less equity than their male counterparts. A 2019 study published by Carta, an ownership and equity management platform, found that women employees own 49 cents in equity for every dollar men own.,” Adweek said.

It’s annoying that the agency gets to act like they deserve a cookie for doing what’s right. But it’s progress.

Bernice King Honors Her Mother

How wonderful was it to see Bernice King give credit to her mother, Coretta Scott King, for the work she did to ensure Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

Women know there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that enable the success of those around us. None of us does anything alone. It was wonderful to see that recognized. Bravo, Bernice.

Solo Female Travel Pioneer

From Mothership: Yui Pow Redford made history by becoming the first Asian woman to visit every sovereign country in the world. She was also the first Singaporean to have visited all United Nations member states.
She traveled to over half of these places alone.

Yui offers great tips and insights she’s learned in her travels and shares some great photography as well. Check it out and show her some love.

26+ Years of Service Finally Nets That Promotion Task & Purpose: Bauernschmidt graduated from the Naval Academy in 1994, the same year women were allowed to serve on combat ships and planes.

“That law absolutely changed my life,” Bauernschmidt told CBS News in 2018. “We were the first class that graduated knowing and feeling honored with the privilege to be able to go serve along the rest of our comrades in combat.”

Way to hang in there and break that steel ceiling! Thank you for clearing the way. 

Just Over 50 Years Later… Ladies Get a Moon Shot

Nine women are among the 18 astronauts training for NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions, with the goal of sending humans back to the moon and, maybe even to Mars. They’re aiming for a 2024 moon landing — and finally, women are on the roster — all but three are over age 40. Hey, ladies!

File Under: Yaas, Queen

Michelle Obama is always representing with class and style and it is no surprise to me that, according to a recent gallop poll, she has been named most admired woman in the country again. women on the list include Oprah Winfrey (of course), German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Queen Elizabeth II, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Greta Thunberg.

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