Opinion: Ukraine is Burning Rainbow Flags and Proclaiming "White Lives Matter"

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Just in case anyone was confused about this, Ukraine is telling the worldPhoto byVideo posted by AleXander Hirka

Chances are very good that most people haven't seen the video posted here. However, let’s just imagine for a moment that a march happened in October 2020 in Moscow that featured a huge White Lives Matter banner and angry people burning Ukrainian and Rainbow flags. It's safe to say that there would be wall-to-wall coverage on the front pages of every major newspaper across the United States and Western Europe.

But when the march is in Kyiv then the people in this video apparently get a pass when burning Rainbow flags while proclaiming that White Lives Matter (like that was ever in question?).

It is truly a mad world are we living in when Bernie Sanders votes to send yet more of the American people’s money to Ukraine to fund the U.S. proxy war against Russia. Worse, he along with most of Congress also voted against measures to monitor how the money is spent while continuing his now-familiar tirade about how miserable the lives of working people are in this country.

While it's understandable that few people in the U.S. have seen this video the fact that there are Ukrainians openly burning the Rainbow flag should give at least some Americans pause. After all, the existence of such extremists as the Azov Battalion who openly wear and promote symbols associated with white supremacy isn't exactly a secret. Even so, people in the United States and parts of Europe continue to tie themselves into Mobius strips to support the unsupportable.

What a large portion of the population isn't interested in are the numerous well-researched essays, articles, podcasts, and videos that confirm what all adults should know.

There are no clean hands in this conflict. Russia is wrong. Ukraine is wrong. The United States is wrong.

War is wrong. Always.

But for all those hearts that stir when they hear Слава Україні and who yearn to support those brave Ukrainians remember what South Carolina’s favorite son, Lindsey Graham, has promised. Of course, the men burning the Black Lives Matter sign while bellowing that white lives matter aren’t really paying attention either.

It might be too late for all of us at this point.

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