Opinion: That Shostakovich Sonata was Brilliant

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And I really enjoy a good bowl of borscht, so go pound sand

Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 147 (1975) / Alice Tully Hall - 2/28/2023Photo byAleXander Hirka* - Used with permission

Remember “Freedom Fries”? How about “Cheese-eating, Surrender Monkeys”? It takes a remarkably light nudge to get people to line up and parrot whatever The Money wants parroted. Make no mistake, the near universal chorus of Слава Україні along with all the yellow and blue plastered everywhere may have originated with some fervent Ukrainian patriots but it’s been given the megaphone treatment by The Money.

In addition to embracing everything Ukrainian, it’s equally important to shove anything Russian out to the curb for collection by sanitation. Set that virtue signaling on stun.

Know what?

My love for Shostakovich, winter borscht, and Little Big (who ditched St. Petersburg a year ago anyway) doesn’t make me a traitor to democracy. I’m not a Putin troll. I’m not collecting a paycheck from the Kremlin. I failed miserably when my uncle attempted to teach me how to speak Russian when I was ten. As if that proves anything as I also studied two years of Italian and was unable to understand a word of it in Venice the year I graduated.

But I did have my first girl crush on Natasha, Boris Badenov’s honey and partner in crime from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. That voice!

And I was thrilled by this recent performance of Dmitri’s Sonata for Viola and Piano written the year he died, 1975. We in the audience at Alice Tully Hall got to hear what the composer never did as it premiered after his death. The second movement was especially moving. I promise you can listen to this and not suddenly find yourself sending fan letters to Putin.

I also really enjoy a hearty bowl of my partner’s homemade Ukrainian kutia in the winter just in case anyone wants to accuse me of favoritism.

But I’m still not a fan of the Azov Battalion. Definitely not my favorite.

Let’s all take a deep breath here and calm TF down. For whatever reason, we humans seem to need to go completely nuts every hundred years or so and slaughter each other by the hundreds of thousands to millions. The virus did what it could, but clearly this is a job for murderous men.

And there they go.

Apparently, what’s going on in Europe isn’t enough to scratch some men’s itch because you may have heard the United States is picking a fight with China. Just what I wanted my tax money to fund.

Of course, things could really go south globally given we seem to be watching a circular firing squad equipped with nuclear warheads.

So enjoy that steaming bowl of borscht (or sweet and sour soup, you do you) and knock back your preferred poison. Let’s lift our glasses and toast our brothers in Ukraine, Russia, China, Palestine, Syria, Brazil, and Israel as we all watch our governments line up to destroy us all.

And, yes, let’s cue up some Shostakovich. The USSR broke his heart.

Many of us can relate.

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