Opinion: Student Loan Forgiveness, Huh?

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Yeah, I fell for it

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We believe what we want to believe. And even though I have no illusions about the Biden Administration’s integrity, I fell for it. Did you? A lot of us did. Twenty-six million of us to be exact and according to the Department of Education sixteen million applications have been approved and those loans will be “discharged when allowed by the courts”.

Sure, I fell for it, and yes I submitted my application.

However, I doubt anything more than several thousand borrowers here or there will ever see their loans will be discharged. All those handsomely compensated executives at Navient can sleep peacefully because this administration never had any intention of forgiving the loans.

I could be wrong and would love to be wrong (this time).

But from where I sit this was nothing more than a gesture by the Dems to trick another vulnerable cohort into voting for the eternal Lesser of Two Evils. I don’t know how well it worked. The blue team was crowing about the great victory in the midterms but possibly losing control of the House and the Senate doesn’t look like a win to me. The fact that iffy candidates like Hershel Walker and the good Doctor Oz garnered as much of the vote as they did doesn’t speak highly of support for the Dems. J.D. Vance much?

Nothing I’m saying here is news to anyone paying attention. This country does not have a two-party political system. It has a craven bunch of greedy guts losers who made it to Washington DC to fill their bank accounts while ensuring all policy benefits the oligarchy.

Being fully aware of this I still submitted that application. And I still had about a week of starry-eyed relief because the nice lady at the Department of Education told me my loans could be forgiven.

That didn’t last long.

When the Biden bunch changed the rules two weeks later ensuring that I and millions of other suckers would not be able to have our loans discharged, was I surprised?

Not for a minute.

And then when U.S. District Judge, Mark Pittman, blocked the loan forgiveness program, was I righteously outraged?

Not really.

Come on, people, it was a sham from the beginning.

However, I’m also not letting those thieves live rent-free in my head. For seventeen years now I’ve been slogging away at paying down that debt while still managing to cover my rent and other bills. If I felt entitled to many of the things people in this country feel is their birthright — single-family home with two new cars in the garage and surround sound entertainment center to keep the 2.5 kiddies occupied as well as the annual vacation to Disney World — I might feel differently.

It sucks, yes. And, no, it’s not right.

It’s not even very smart of the guys in charge but no one’s going to tell them that (and they’re not listening to us). But, as mothers have been saying since the beginning of time, no one ever said life would be fair.

That said, in all the ways that matter, life has been more than fair to me and my ilk. That anyone who’s regularly sleeping indoors, has solidly supportive relationships, and gets to write whatever they feel like writing whenever they want would be stomping their little feet and shaking their little fists seems a tad ungrateful.

No one forced me to sign on all those dotted lines.

On the third hand, no one clearly warned me either that I was almost certainly taking on mortgage-level debt that would trail me for decades.

Would I do it differently? After all, if I had been content to complete my degree at Cleveland State University I wouldn’t be in this pickle. For all I know, I’d be happily living in some adorable little walk-up in Ohio City with six cats with no student loan debt if I’d opted for that path.

Yeah. No.

I just sent Navient another $250 to keep the interest from erasing the gains of the past year. I’ve had my rant.

Your turn.

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