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North Woods of Central ParkTammy Remington

Remember spring? Back when it came to the backyards of the United States and much of Europe. I imagined yours looked wonderful. I know ours did. All 842 acres of it.

Whatever foibles our particular bit of city has — and they are numerous — a shining glory is living less than ten minutes from the woods. As in real woods. There are swampy bits and every imaginable size and type of tree as well as loads of squirrels. And birds. And birders. Many, many birders with some serious cameras. There are also birders like me who point to their smartphones and hope for the best which is not actually so great a lot of the time.
Tiny birdTammy Remington

The egrets came back again this spring but oddly I never see them going back south in the autumn.
Bigger birdTammy Remington

There may be many birders but there are more trees. And ferns. And green growing things covering rocks and ground. And every season brings new wonders.
Fall at the South End of the ParkTammy Remington

Everything in these photos is smack in the middle of Manhattan. If you levitated straight up from this spot, you’d see Fifth Avenue to the east and Central Park South to the, well, south. Once you're in the middle of that Park, though, the only hint of what's several blocks away in any direction, will be the sounds of sirens and helicopters.
What's right outside the "forest"Tammy Remington

Having disabused a few more stereotypical notions about what Manhattan looks like, I’d say it’s time for me to go for a walk in the woods.

Enjoy your autumn, my fellow Northern Hemisphere-ers.

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