A Guide On Selling Services On Fiverr

Remilekun Olowookere

Fiverr is another freelance website where you can make as much money as you want. There are thousands of people doing creative things on this website and are making money online. The good thing about this website is that you can do very easy work which is in demand for just $5. Some gigs are so easy to do and hardly take 5 minutes to complete like taking a picture but some are very complex like tweaking a WordPress theme. It depends on your skill and expertise and you are the one submitting your gig so make sure you evaluate what you can do for $5.

People do video testimonials, and graphics work and create their gigs themselves and make money. It is quite simple but makes sure you are good at what you plan to do. If you have never made money online and you are a newbie then Fiverr is probably the best place for you. Click Here to Get started

Just think of some creative stuff that you are willing to do for $5 and submit your gig. Some gigs are instantly approved while some have to be reviewed. Once your gig is approved then it is available in the marketplace and people can contact or buy your gig anytime.

Make sure to communicate well with your buyers promptly. Ask them for some information that will make your job easier and try to deliver work before time so your buyers have time to review your work and encourage them to ask for changes if necessary.

You can sell almost anything on Fiverr. If you are good at graphic designing, advertising, video creation, or social media then you are in demand. You can even make money by taking a picture of yours and holding some message of your buyer at some famous place in your city. People like creativity on Fiverr and how much money you make on Fiverr depends on how creative you are.

You are allowed 20 gigs on Fiverr so basically, you can submit 20 different gigs and people will surely buy some of them every day. Most of the people search gigs directly on Fiverr but some of them come through search engines so make sure you insert some keywords in the title and description of your gig.

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