If Your Confidence Is Taking a Hit, Here’s How to Build It Back Up

Rejoice Denhere

Confidence and success go hand in hand! It's no secret that confident people tend to be successful, and vice versa. But if your confidence is taking a hit, it's important to know how to build it back up.

Here are a couple of easy tricks that I personally use to boost my confidence.

Treating every outing as if it were a public appearance

First, I treat every outing as if it were a public appearance. We all know that people tend to judge others based on their appearance, even though we believe that what truly matters is what's on the inside.

So, to boost my confidence, I make a conscious effort to take care of my appearance before stepping out the door. It doesn't mean I have to wear designer clothes, but simply being well-groomed and using a nice fragrance can make a huge difference. When I do this, I notice that I receive more compliments and people are generally friendlier and more helpful.

Treating every conversation as if it were an interview

Another trick I use is treating every conversation as if it were an interview. I watch my words because I know they become actions. Before speaking, I have a private conversation with myself, imagining I'm talking to a journalist from a well-known newspaper. I focus on speaking with respect and humility, highlighting the good things and learning from the negatives.

I make sure to encourage myself and speak positively about my abilities and achievements. When I talk to others, I apply the same strategy, minimizing negative comments and keeping the conversation uplifting and confidence-boosting.

Sometimes, people may ask uncomfortable questions or try to invade your privacy. In those situations, it's perfectly okay to give short answers or politely decline to answer. You have the right to protect your personal space and boundaries.

Remember, the way you treat and speak to yourself sets the tone for how others will treat and speak to you. By treating every outing as a public appearance and every conversation as an interview, you'll not only take better care of your appearance but also speak more positively and confidently about yourself. This will naturally boost your confidence and encourage others to do the same!

Why not go ahead and give these tricks a try? Treat yourself with kindness and watch your confidence soar!

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