'Crossing Lines: MIL Kicked Out After Cleaning Dispute'

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A 72 year old woman was asked to leave her son’s home at night after a spat with her daughter in law.

The elderly woman had the best intentions, as we all do when it comes to our loved ones. But sometimes, despite our good intentions, disagreements happen. And unfortunately, in this particular case, things escalated to the point where the woman was asked to leave her son's home and had to spend the night in a hotel.

Her daughter in law, a 36-year-old woman and her 41-year-old husband are expecting their first child. In her excitement, the 72 year old offered to help the young couple for several months before and after the birth. She even volunteered to live with them during that time.

The expectant mum claims to have a good relationship with her mother in law but also admits that their housekeeping methods are vastly different. She is a collector whilst her mother in law is a minimalist who likes everything to be surgically clean.

On the day of the incident, when the mum to be came home from work she discovered that some of her favorite items were missing.

“She went through my cabinets and cleared out everything she considered junk, and had apparently made several trips to goodwill before I got home. I was really angry and I asked her why she would ever do this. She said the house has to be tidy for the baby, and that it would be “dangerous” for the baby to be in my cluttered house,” wrote the woman.

She naturally confronted her mother-in-law. To her surprise, she learned that her mother-in-law had taken the items to a goodwill shop because she considered them junk. There was even a big bag by the door ready to go.

The argument got heated, and in the end, the woman kicked her 72-year-old mother-in-law out of the house, even though it was nighttime. She booked a hotel room and hired a taxi to take her there. The woman's husband doesn't fully agree with her actions and believes that she disrespected his mother. Feeling unsure about whether she overreacted, the woman turned to the Reddit AITA community for some perspective.

The post received a lot of attention, with many readers sympathizing with the woman for being upset. However, not everyone agreed on how the situation was handled. Some commenters pointed out that the mother-in-law may have genuinely thought she was helping by decluttering the house, while others felt that her actions were completely out of line.

One reader commented, “NTA, but you may want to consider why she did that. Your house may actually be cluttered with junk and she was helping.”

Another added, “There is nothing to fix. If she doesn’t like the way the house is then mother-in-law needs to stay out.”

“What your MIL did crossed every line for a guest in anyone's home,” wrote another.

“Throwing her out at 9:30 at night was not the best way to handle this, but her tearing your house apart as if she is in charge and it’s her house is just as wrong.”

In a similar situation one woman returned home after giving birth, only to find that her mother-in-law had cleaned the entire house without permission.

Would you be comfortable with someone else cleaning and decluttering your belongings without your consent?

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