Netizens Support Woman for Saying No to Ex's Wedding

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We've all heard at least a couple of cringe-worthy stories about attending an ex-partner's wedding. This one has a refreshing twist.

One woman was invited to a wedding by a friend as a plus one. When she found out the groom was her former boyfriend, she politely declined the invitation to the wedding, and surprisingly got accused of being selfish.

Her accusers couldn't understand why she couldn't put the past behind her and be happy for the couple. But she genuinely felt that her presence might make things awkward. She didn't want to steal the spotlight or cause any uncomfortable scenes, since the couple had a messy break up.

So, she mustered up the courage to reach out to the bride and explain her reasons for declining the invite, all the while trying to be as tactful as possible. To her relief, the bride understood and respected her decision.

Things got interesting when everyone else connected to this woman seemed to have a different opinion. They thought she was being selfish and making the wedding all about her.

Feeling puzzled, she turned to social media to get some outside perspective. She wanted to know how strangers would respond in a similar situation. And even though her original post was deleted, the majority of readers were actually supportive of her decision to not attend the wedding.

One commented, “You're absolutely not making it about you by not wanting to go. Instead, you're removing a potential distraction and bit of awkwardness from the ceremony."

Another added, “NTA. Your friend is trying to stir some drama by asking you to go to your ex’s wedding.”

It is not unusual to be invited to an ex’s wedding. If you are undecided about whether or not you should go, first ask yourself if you were invited for the right reasons. Not everyone has pure motives and you may want to spare yourself from being hurt.

Another reader expressed their shock, “Isn’t it funny that all the people freaking out at OP aren't even the ones getting married? The bride and groom haven't complained to OP, only their guests have.”

It seems that sometimes, you can't win no matter what you do. At least the original poster had the courage to decline the invitation and be true to herself. And in the end, it seems like she found solace in the support of strangers who understood her perspective.

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