Man Gets Roasted by Internet for Asking Girlfriend to Uphold His Family’s Sexist Tradition

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A man excited about introducing his new girlfriend to his family, and desperate to impress them, shared his plan on Reddit’s AITA thread. He said he wanted her to feel comfortable and welcomed but was a bit worried about his family’s old-fashioned beliefs. Women are expected to be in the kitchen cooking while the men sit, chat and get waited on hand and foot.

Keen on making a great impression on his family, he pleaded with his girlfriend to support the tradition, even though it is outdated and sexist. He assured his girlfriend he didn’t really support the tradition but wanted her to go along with it on her first visit as “that’s just the way things are in his family.” He explained he wanted his family to have a positive first impression of her, and hoped she would understand where he was coming from.

He got more than what he bargained for when comments blew up as he got roasted for his insensitive behaviour.

“What about your family making a good first impression on HER and not expecting her to be an unpaid cook and servant?” vented SpeakerDelicious6315.

Agreeing, MinGosling added, “It reads as though you care far more that your family approve of your choice than you do that she approves of your family.”

His excuse for not standing up to his family? “I am one of the youngest people in [the] family and my protests mean literally nothing.”

FluffySpinachLeaf had a helpful suggestion for him, “If you want to combat this tradition start cooking OP.”

Gender roles can sometimes create a never-ending cycle of inequality. These social principles, which dictate how girls, boys, women, and men should behave, can restrict our sense of identity. Women often spend two to 10 times more time on unpaid caregiving and domestic work compared to men.

By acknowledging these gender imbalances, we can work towards breaking these norms and fostering a more equal society for everyone.

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