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The Most Glorious Nuptials in Fast Food History - When a Burger Guy Tied The Knot With a King's Daughter

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People get married all the time but it’s not every day that a Burger guy marries a King’s daughter. This extraordinary wedding captured the attention of the public and deservedly so.

As someone once said, “When you are at the top of your game you become the topic!” Joel Burger was certainly at the top of his game in the love stakes when he won Ashley King’s heart and asked for her hand in marriage. The Daily Mail aptly described their union as a match made in fast food heaven.

When you think about it, it is astonishing to consider the likelihood of someone surnamed Burger falling in love with a person whose surname is King, and the two of them actually tying the knot.

The two love birds first met in kindergarten but their romance only blossomed much later in life when they were in college. When they were in fifth grade in New Berlin, Illinois they were known as Burger-King.

When the couple got engaged they announced it with a photo they took under a Burger King sign. The Daily Mail aptly described their union as a match made in fast food heaven.

These lovebirds first crossed paths during their kindergarten years, but their romance only bloomed later in life during their college days. While in fifth grade in New Berlin, Illinois, they were referred to as Burger-King.

Upon their engagement, the couple shared a photograph taken under a Burger King sign, announcing their joyous news. Talk about making headlines and stealing hearts!

When the fast food giant Burger King caught wind of the impending nuptials, they took to Twitter, requesting information about the couple. They went the extra mile by financing the couple’s wedding, much to the astonishment and delight of Joel and Ashley.

This act also proved to be an ingenious marketing opportunity for Burger King. The wedding party flaunted paper crowns from the chain, and the groomsmen even wore Burger King t-shirts under their suits. They went all out, even down to their hamburger-themed socks!

It must have been an incredibly proud moment for Mr. King as he accompanied his daughter down the aisle. Though this event took place in 2015, it still stands as the most extraordinary wedding in fast food history.

Love truly knows no bounds, and sometimes, it takes a Burger and a King to prove it. Cheers to everlasting love and burgers fit for a king!

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