Here's How to Tell if a Guy Is Really Into You!

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When it comes to dating, no matter what age or stage of life you’re at, we all wonder the same thing — how do you know if a guy is really you? I’m not talking about the “you’re a nice person” or “you’re a good friend” kind of like, but the “I’m head over heels for you and want to be with you forever” kind of like.

We want to know because in matters of the heart, there is no greater longing than to be desired by another and to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that someone’s heart beats fiercely in tandem with ours.

Well, lucky for us, there are behavioral clues to help us figure it out. Check out these eight signs to keep an eye out for.

1. They’re always there for you

If guy likes you, they’ll always make time to be with you. They’ll happily fit you into their busy schedule because they really want to. Don’t confuse busyness with disinterest, unless they’re constantly too busy. Look for how they make room for you in their life whenever they have the chance.

2. The chemistry is off the charts

Chemistry is like a mix of butterflies and electricity. It’s a feeling of familiarity that grows into excitement when they keep showing up in your life and then suddenly start calling or texting you out of nowhere!

3. They constantly give you compliments

When a guy constantly showers you with compliments, it’s a clear sign they’re into you. It doesn’t have to be romantic compliments, even noticing the little things about your appearance, personality, or accomplishments counts. If they always find ways to compliment you, they definitely have feelings for you!

4. They want you all to themselves

You’ll feel like they want to keep you all to themselves. Jealousy is a dead giveaway that a guy has romantic feelings for you. If they don’t show any jealousy when you go on a date with someone else or bring another potential love interest around, they probably see you as just a friend. When they like you, they’ll want to spend time with you, know every part of your life, and be an active part of it. And they won’t be thrilled about having to share these things with others. 

5. They’re curious about your past relationships

They’re interested in your past relationships. They also want to know about your interests and passions. This kind of curiosity is crucial for a relationship — romantic or otherwise — to thrive!

6. They make eye contact

If you want to know if a guy is into you, pay attention to the chemistry. Literally. One of the best ways to tell if someone’s interested is through eye contact. Watch their pupils dilate, their glances linger, and how often they smile at you. Increased eye contact is a surefire sign of attraction. However, be careful not to make it too intense by staring for more than five seconds — some people might find that aggressive. Use this move sparingly!

7. They make conversations fun

They ask open-ended questions that allow for deeper conversations. They don’t just throw out one-liners or ask simple “yes/no” questions like, “Hey, how are you?” Instead, they ask questions that show they genuinely want to learn more about you and what’s happening in your life. They try to engage you in conversation and remember the little details you share with them. If they show interest and ask open-ended questions, they really like you!

8. They give you their undivided attention

They maintain eye contact and really listen to you when you speak. They won’t interrupt you or keep looking away. People who are into you want to make sure you feel heard and validated. They also pay attention to your body language. If they lean toward you and their feet face yours, it’s a subtle sign of interest and attraction.

Remember, when someone is into you, it’s pretty obvious. You’ll feel it deep down to your core. You’ll see it in their eyes as they gaze at you longingly. While some people may be shyer and not express their emotions so openly, there’s no mistaking the feeling when the attraction is mutual.

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