Man Intentionally Ruins Girlfriend's Food Photos - Divides Internet Over Who's Right

Rejoice Denhere

A man’s actions have divided the internet after he intentionally ruined his girlfriend’s food photos whilst dining out. 

Whether we like it or not, the world is divided into two camps — those who love taking photos of their meals and those who don’t. Even within the photo loving community there are two camps — the ones who do it to create happy memories for themselves and those who do it for their fans.

When you enjoy sharing your meals with fans virtually it can be annoying when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself but is then deliberately ruined. It happened to one woman whose partner was the offending party.

The poster said she enjoys taking food photos for her Instagram account, where she has a growing following. She normally does this when in the company of other food bloggers as her boyfriend hates it. On this occasion she went ahead and took photos, despite her boyfriend’s protests. Financial constraints have prevented her from socializing with her “foodie girls.”

After the fiasco she refused to pay for his meal. Relating the incident on Reddit she later questioned her reaction, wondering if she had gone over the top for allowing herself to be upset by his actions.

Readers were divided with some supporting her whilst others stood by the boyfriend. “I don’t get people who go out of their way to actively ruin other people’s fun. He totally could’ve just started to eat HIS food. But to mess with yours is just not acceptable,” commented one supporter.

A second empathized, “I thought it was a good compromise that he gets to eat his food while you just take some quick pictures of yours. But why did he have to go out of his way to ruin yours? That’s just super immature and petty.” They also added, “I’m gonna say NTA But I feel like there’s more to this than is being let on. No rational person gets this upset about their partner wanting to snap a few quick photos of their dish to the point they intentionally sabotage the photos.”

Those in support of the boyfriend also shared their thoughts with one pointing out, “After reading your unrelenting defensiveness and refusal to understand that in the comments, it is abundantly clear that your boyfriend messed up YOUR food, not because he is an obnoxious child, but to make you understand that YOU are . . . and how it feels when he asks you repeatedly and tells you over and over that he doesn’t want you near his food, and you insist on photographing it anyway.”

Would you let your partner stop you from eating your meal so they could indulge their hobby?

What would you do if they refused to pay for your meal because you didn’t agree with them?

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