Pet Owner Blames Host as Dog Falls Ill After Showing up at Party He Wasn't Supposed To Attend

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A woman has found herself in an unusual dilemma. She invited friends to a party at her house. Guests were told no dogs were allowed. One guest brought her dog along anyway. Now he is ill and she is blaming the host.

Pet parents have a hard time sometimes. What do they do with their beloved pets when they want to go to a party and have no pet-sitter? One woman chose to take her four-legged friend even though the invitation said no dogs.

The evening did not end well for her furry friend as he fell ill and ended up in hospital.

Sharing her distress on Reddit AITA the host and friend of the pet owner asked for feedback from readers.

“I have 4 cats. My cats do not like dogs and neither do I,” she explained. When her friend arrived with dog in tow, she asked her to leave. The friend ignored the host and stayed on, as the host later discovered. When she found the offending guest chatting with other invitees, but no dog in sight, she went looking for him.

“I went looking and found him at the bottom of the garden eating my crops and making a mess. I was angry and told my friend to get her dog off my property.

A few hours later she called me asking me what her dog ate, I had no clue. My gardener plants and attends everything, I told her I didn’t know, but told her he’d made a huge mess, dug things up and clearly eaten things.”

The dog ate something he shouldn’t have but noone knows what that was. Despite the host going to great lengths to be helpful, her friend was angry and held her responsible for her pet’s illness. 

Readers were quick to support the OP, NTA, with one commenting, “You set a boundary not once, not twice, but three times, and each time your friend exercised less and less judgment, until she was actually negligent.”

Another chimed in, “I mostly just feel sorry for the dog having such an irresponsible parent. Your yard wasn’t dog safe, but you made it pretty clear the dog wasn’t welcome. Your friend ignored that, and it is her dog who almost paid the price for it. Super sad and you are NTA. Your friend is a super-duper-mega-asshole though. She is saying you don’t care if her dog dies, but she ought to look at herself… Poor doggo deserves better.”

Yet another pointed out, “As far as I know, the type of plant is irrelevant. She should have taken the dog to the vet so it could be given activated charcoal to induce vomiting and absorb the toxins. Its not like there are special medications given depending on which plant the dog ate.”

Taking a dog to an environment that might not be safe for them is negligent on the owner’s part. Furthermore, party etiquette dictates that guests do not bring along uninvited individuals. Simply Elegant, who specialize in hospitality services, say, “It’s inconsiderate to bring along uninvited guests in tow. For this reason, make sure that you bring another guest with you only when the invitation requests to do so.”

Uninvited guests include our furry friends who should not be taken to a party where dogs are not allowed. It is important to respect the wishes of the host and other guests, and to be considerate of those who may be allergic to dogs or who simply do not like them. Additionally, dogs can be a nuisance at parties, barking, jumping up on people, and getting into food.

In a Reader’s Digest article about rude habits dog owners need to stop Charlotte Hilton Andersen reminds dog owners, “Not everyone loves your dog as much as you do.”

Quoting Rieckmann the article goes on to say, “Being on a leash in public is an absolute must, no exceptions,” and ends by saying “If you want off-leash time, go to a dog park or other place made specifically for that purpose.”

In an unexpected twist to the story, the dog owner has since discovered the discussion thread about her dog.

Have you ever encountered a similar situation in your life, where your pet was not allowed at an event you were invited to?

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