Bride-To-Be Invites Matron of Honor for Coffee - Then Tells Her She's Fired

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Most young women day-dream about their perfect wedding. Some even start planning it years before they meet their future spouse. They know exactly what they want down to the last detail, including the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect food, and the perfect flowers.

Friends usually also promise each other support at each other’s nuptials. So for one woman, when her friend, the bride-to-be, invited her out for coffee, the purpose of the meeting took her by surprise. The bride-to-be had already asked her to be the matron of honor, a role she had happily accepted.

The two women have known each other for two decades so it was a massive surprise when her friend asked her to step down from her role. Venting on Reddit’s Offmychest sub the woman said she was so upset she had to leave the table to calm herself down.

She had been so excited to be the matron of honor, and now her best friend was firing her. The bride-to-be relieved her of her duties on the off chance she might be pregnant on the wedding day, which is planned for May next year, and take attention away from the bride on her special day.

The matron of honor was stunned. In the thread she says she tried to reason with her friend, pointing out that she wasn’t pregnant, although she and her husband had been talking about the possibility of starting a family.

She even protested saying that even if she was, she’d still be able to walk down the aisle and wouldn’t draw any attention to herself. That suggestion was rejected. When she offered to be part of the bridal team, without the duties of a matron of honor, the bride-to-be is said to have responded, “We were actually thinking of you guys coming as guests.”

She made it clear that her mind was made up and that she wanted her wedding day to be about “one big life event and not two.” She was not going to change her mind. She was the bride, and she was going to have her perfect wedding, no matter what. She didn’t want anything to take away from her perfect wedding day, even if it meant hurting her best friend.

The fired matron of honor was devastated that she was no longer going to be part of the bridal team. She couldn’t believe that her best friend would do something like that to her. She had always been there for her, and had allowed her to be part of her own wedding when she got married.

The bride's decision to fire her matron of honor was met with widespread condemnation. People were shocked and appalled that she would be so selfish and cruel. She was quickly labeled a "bridezilla" and a "drama queen."

Slydeking69 commented, “Seems like you have been saved from a ton of hassle. She’s gonna go full bridezilla.”

Bloseja added, “She’s going to be a nightmare bride! You dodged a serious bullet!”

Another noted, “The idea that a pregnant woman would draw attention away from the bride is ludicrous.”

The matron of honor, on the other hand, was praised for her grace and dignity in the face of such cruelty. 

One reader joked, “If I get married again, can you be my MOH? You sound like a fre*king riot and the type of gal I’d want in my corner on such a stressful day.”

Brides firing their matron of honor is not uncommon. The internet is peppered with stories of brides firing their matron of honor. Some have done it to separate themselves from toxic friends. One bride admitted she fired her matron of honor four days before the wedding. They had been friends for 17 years.

Another bride sparked fury on the internet when she fired her MOH because she was pregnant.

The bride's decision to fire her matron of honor is a reminder that weddings should be about celebrating love and friendship, not about being the center of attention. 

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