Internet Hammers Man for Refusing to Babysit Sister's Kids

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A man has been hammered by the internet for his heartless response to his sister’s request for help when she asked him to babysit her kids over Easter. The same sister whose family he claims to love and says he “would do anything for them.”

In the AITA thread on Reddit the man explains that his sister asked him to babysit her children aged eight and nine. Her husband’s sister was involved in a near fatal car accident. The family weren’t sure if she was going to make it and were called to say their good byes as well as support the rest of the family.

The poster has babysat many times before with no problems. This time he refused, explaining that he was due to start a night shift and would be sleeping the whole weekend to adjust. He also said his wife was unable to help as she had family commitments that weekend.

“No is a complete sentence and that’s final.”

When the sister persisted with her request he snapped back with a definite no, reminding her that he wanted the weekend to adjust to his new sleeping schedule. He didn’t consult his wife but spoke on her behalf saying she wanted to spend Easter with her side of the family. “No is a complete sentence and that’s final,” were his last words to his sibling.

Readers’ comments were scathing and merciless, questioning his sincerity as he refused to help his sister in her time of need.

“I would do almost nothing for them,” Lib-right commented sarcastically.

“How horrifying. Good luck to you if you’re ever in an emergency and need their help,” SeekingBeskar added. “This isn’t a small emergency this is a relative potentially dying and people trying to say goodbye.”

People often turn to Reddit when faced with a dilemma and need support or guidance. Sometimes they are backed 100%, as in a case reported by Buzzfeed where a man refused to babysit is brother’s children, as the internet felt his boundaries were not being respected.

On this occasion the response was the opposite, with the internet hammering the man for being insensitive with Floralfixatedd concluding, “ “It’s mindblowing how some people can’t put themselves in other’s shoes. If his sister was potentially going to die and his brother-in-law wouldn’t help him out, he’d be surely calling them TA.”

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