“I Was Going to Have That for Lunch!” Man Furious After Girlfriend Eats Toppings From His Leftover Pizza

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A woman ate the toppings off her boyfriend’s leftover pizza and wondered why he was upset. She even dared ask if she was in the wrong for doing so. The Reddit user shared her experience in the AITA thread.

She and her boyfriend were in a new relationship and still getting to know each other. They shared a pizza for the first time, but did not finish it. Unfortunately the evening did not end well as she went and ate all the toppings afterwards leaving her boyfriend furious.

She may come from a family where, if someone doesn’t finish their food it most likely means they’re full, or they no longer want it. Either way, those leftovers are going in the trash can.

He, on the other hand, was probably raised in a home where if someone doesn’t finish their food it means they’re full, but still want to save it. That leftover food will be eaten later or the next day. It is definitely NOT going in the trash can.

So, when the girlfriend was hungry and saw the leftover pizza she went and ate all the toppings, leaving just the crust. When the boyfriend checked the pizza box and discovered the toppings gone — you guessed it — he flipped his lid.

The woman was roasted by readers who were in complete support of the boyfriend’s reaction.

User 9and3of4 commented, “It’s either hungry or not hungry — there’s not ever the need to only pick the toppings off.”

Another agreed, “Shows such a lack of consideration and self control.”

Humoring the OP one added, “She states she hadn’t eaten pizza with him before, so she didn’t know that his pizza eating habits were to not be a complete psycho. How could she have known that he ate pizza like the rest of the planet.”

Her behaviour was largely described as “truly unhinged.”

The Lesson

Never eat the toppings off someone else’s leftover pizza, especially if they are planning to have it for lunch the following day.

First off, it’s rude. When someone saves their food for later, they are expecting to have it all. Eating the toppings off their pizza without their permission is disrespectful.

Secondly it’s unhygienic. There is a chance that bacteria can transfer from your hands to the food, making the pizza unsafe to eat.

Thirdly it’s wasteful. When you eat the toppings off a leftover pizza, you are essentially throwing away the crust. The crust is still edible and could have been enjoyed by the pizza owner — together with the toppings, of course.

Since the OP said she was hungry she all she had to do was ask her boyfriend if she could have some. He most likely would have been more than happy to let her eat it.

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