Celebrating Pancake Day, Spending Quality Time With Your Children and Fun Things To Do

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Pancake day is one of the most popular times in the calendar for families to get together. It falls on the last day before lent.

It was traditional in many societies to eat pancakes or other foods made with the butter, eggs and fat that would be given up during lent. Pancakes are a good way to use up rich foods which would most likely be given up during this season.

You don't have to be a religious person to celebrate Pancake Day. It is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your children. It also brings families together as a team and is a fantastic excuse to eat lots of yummy pancakes!

Here are some great ways to celebrate the day and keep your kids entertained (and their hands busy) while you’re flipping up a storm.

Make pancakes together

If you have little ones, this could be quite messy but also great fun. Get them to help whisk the pancake mix, measure out the ingredients and watch as you cook them on the hob. They can then decorate their own pancakes with fruit or chocolate sauce to make faces or patterns.

Try out different shapes

Pancakes are great for learning about shapes. Simply pour your pancake batter into moulds of different shapes from hearts and stars to mice, rabbits and fish!

Alternatively, use cookie cutters to cut the pancakes into stars or hearts after cooking them.

Have a pancake race

Pancake races are fun for all ages.

A traditional pancake race is a race between two teams of two people each, where one person runs down the street with a frying pan and pancake, and the other person runs beside them tossing the pancake in the pan.

This is an incredibly fun way to get out into the community, have some family time and make some lasting memories. You can make it competitive or just go for a run around the block.

If your children are too young to participate you can have a pancake race in the kitchen. Use two pans each at two different hobs, and then race with them to see who can make their pancake first.

Hold a pancake contest!

Hold a pancake contest at home amongst the family members. Once you have made your pancakes, decorate them with icing, fruit and other toppings. Then, nominate someone to be the judge and taste test all of the different pancakes. The winner gets to choose their favourite topping for next year's pancakes!

Play games

Play games together. There are lots of pancake themed games you can play as a family, including making paper aeroplanes and seeing which one stays in the air the longest or drawing maps of imaginary islands where pancakes grow on trees! You could even play a pancake toss game and see how many times you can flip a pancake in half a minute!

Eat the pancakes together!

Let's face it; eating pancakes together is always enjoyable! You don't need to limit yourself to plain pancakes either - why not try some unusual toppings like peanut butter? Make funny faces using fruit pieces, chocolate chips, raisins or cooked bacon.

Pancake day is an excellent opportunity to bond with your children and create wonderful memories. Having fun with your family can bring you closer together, and will make pancake day more enjoyable.

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