Dating and Ghosting - A Woman’s Perspective

Rejoice Denhere

Male relatives, friends as well as acquiantances always ask me questions about women. They seem confused by our behaviour, especially when we ghost you. Just when you thought things were going pretty well we disappear.

In no particular order, here are ten things women wish men knew.

1. Kissing

You don’t know how to kiss. Please practice on a bottle or something but not on us. Slobbery kisses are an absolute no! Nothing is more off-putting than having to wipe your mouth after a kiss.

2. Oral Hygiene

Some men think brushing their teeth, swirling a bit of mouth wash then chewing gum gets the job done. It doesn’t. Please floss, scrape your tongue and kill those bacteria. We don’t want to taste yesterday’s leftovers.

3. Ears

You don’t wash behind your ears. When we hug you we can smell behind your ears. You’ll be surprised how bad that smell can be. There’s a reason why your mother always reminded you to wash behind your ears. She knew it would save your relationships.

4. Hair Washing

You don’t wash your hair frequently enough or not at all. We don’t want to run our hands through your hair and have them smell like sweat.

5. Armpits

Women are expected to shave under their arms. Men don’t generally do this. We’re not saying you should shave but if you have lots of hair and sweat a lot please wash yourself well THEN use deodorant. Nothing is more sickly than the smell of body odour seeping through dedorant or cologne.

6. Bathroom Etiquette

Sorry I meant to say — you lack toilet etiquette. Some men don’t know how annoying it is when a man leaves the toilet seat up after peeing everywhere except into the toilet bowl. Is it that difficult to aim and fire? If it is then please respect us enough to clean up after yourself.

7. Coat Odour

I am repeatedly shocked by people who never take their coats to the dry cleaners — EVER! Please get your coat dry cleaned at least once every season. If this is too expensive for you buy one you can pop in the washing machine. This applies to jumpers and scarves too. Please wash them. We don’t want to snuggle up to a musty smell on a cold winter’s day. Honestly we don’t.

8. Bathroom Etiquette

When you brush your teeth please don’t spit all over the tap and sink. Have the decency to rinse it off if you do. Please. And don’t leave wet towels on the floor, or anywhere in the house for that matter.

9. Bedroom Etiquette

Please change and wash your bed linen regularly. Once week will prevent your bed linen from discolouring.

Please air your mattress regularly and open windows. You’ll be amazed at what fresh air can do to a room. Air freshener doesn’t do the job as well as mother nature. Open those windows.

10. Foot Odour

I’m not referring to those who have a health condition. I’m talking about smelly feet because:

  • You don’t wash between your toes.
  • You never take your socks off or wash them.
  • You never wash your trainers or air your shoes.

There are products you can buy to help prevent or minimise smelly feet.


So there you have it. We could tell you all these things to your face but how do you teach an old dog new tricks? It’s easier to move on and you won’t hate us for being honest.


This article is written in a spirit of humour though there is some truth to the information shared. Please take no offence but if you learn something I hope it helps you in your relationships.

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