Construction Worker Almost Fainted When He Found an Eyeball in a Can of Beans

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One construction worker may never look at his favourite meal in the same way ever again after claiming he found an eyeball in a can of beans.

Martin Ford, who is 54, normally enjoys an evening meal of beans on toast after a long day at work. It’s not only quick and easy to prepare but also filling.

Martin says he popped the tin of beans open, then put them in a pot to warm them up. It was only as he was about to tuck into his meal that he noticed the eyeball staring back at him. Beans have eyes but not these kind of beans, or the kind of eye he was seeing in his pot. He says he nearly fainted from shock.

The New York Post reported that company which manufactures the beans, Branston, was contacted for comment about the incident. A spokesperson said it appeared that the alleged eyeball was actually a bean which had somehow been affected by mould. Apparently it can happen if the tin is damaged during transit.

They apologised to Mr Ford and added that the matter was being investigated.

It’s unfortunate that this may not be enough to change Mr Ford’s mind. He now says he cannot stomach the thought of eating baked beans. It makes him feel ill.

Customers sometimes find unusual items in their food. It can be quite traumatising for them, and they usually stop eating that particular meal.

In 2015 The Independent ran a story about Devorise Dixon, a 25 year old from Los Angeles in California, who claimed that KFC had served him a fried rat in his chicken bucket. Looking at the shape of the image he shared it did look a bit like a rodent, though that may have been the way the dough got shaped. DNA tests were later conducted which proved that the alleged rat was infact chicken.

Source: New York Post

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