Banker Dumpster Dives So She Can Save Money and Retire by Age 30

Rejoice Denhere

A young banker is determined to retire by age 30 and has found what she considers the best way to achieve this goal. She is dumpster diving.

The woman, who goes by the name Dumpsterdivingfreegan, posts videos on TikTok which show her rummaging through areas around her house for food.

One TikTok viewer asked, “This seems very time consuming. I can’t imagine working full-time plus OT AND finding time to dumpster dive to this level. Do you have a job?”

She gets asked this question a lot. As it turns out she is employed in the financial sector as a banker. Before she revealed her profession viewers assumed she was struggling financially. She has been called all sorts of name for her unusual and extreme behaviour. Others have praised her for rescuing perfectly good food from landfills.

Dumpster diving is popular with penny pinchers also known as cheapskates. They have jobs and homes but choose to cut expenses this way. Some of them are even wealthy, like Amy Elizabeth who calls herself the world’s cheapest multi-millionaire. It seems almost disrespectful to people who have no choice but to live this way.

Some people dumpster dive or live in tents, cars and vans in order to save money or because they can’t afford to pay for food and accommodation. The cost of living seems to go up every year and covering paying for basic living expenses can be struggle.

It’s rare to find someone who willingly puts themselves through living on very little just so they can retire by age 30. Apart from saving money for her early retirement fund, she apparently also donates money to charity.

I guess the saying is true that goes:

If you want something badly enough you will find a way, if you don't you will find an excuse.

Source: The Sun

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