Groom Kicks Out Family Members From His Wedding for Playing a Prank on His Wife

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It was supposed to be the perfect day with the bride as the centre of attention. But what started as a beautiful wedding ended with the groom kicking out female members of his family.

If it’s your wedding day it’s supposed to be happy. All eyes are supposed to be on the bride, the princess she’s always dreamed to be, waiting for her knight in shining armour to sweep her off her feet. Not at this wedding.

A 33 year old groom was forced to kick out female members of his family, including his mother, from his wedding for playing a prank on his wife. They all turned up wearing white dresses.

Sharing his frustration on social media the groom explained that the women in his family have a tradition of playing pranks on newcomers. They see it as a type of initiation into the fold and a way of testing if the newcomer is a “suitable fit.”

When the groom first introduced his future wife to the family he warned them that he would not tolerate any pranks in whatever form. His requests were ignored as they went on to criticise the woman’s looks as well as her job on a popular social media platform. He had to make them apologise to her.

Unfortunately for the bride-to-be the pranksters weren’t done with her. Before the wedding the groom found out that all the women in his family planned to turn up at the wedding wearing white dresses.

Despite warning them not to do this, as it would be very upsetting for his future wife and would ruin her day, the women went ahead with their plan. The bride was reduced to tears when she should have been celebrating. The groom asked the women to leave the wedding.

The women were denied any wrong doing and refused to leave when asked to. They even claimed that they had been planning to change into different outfits after they had seen the bride’s reaction. That’s when the groom had to use force to have them removed. They all thought the groom’s reaction was a bit over the top. They hadn’t expected such a strong reaction from him. Luckily for him, his dad sided with him and celebrations continued without the pranksters.

This couple’s wedding will now probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Let’s hope the bride doesn’t regret joining this family or turn into a prankster herself.

Source: The Mirror

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