Artificial Intelligence in the World of Content Creation

Rejoice Denhere

Is it destroying our creative power?

A friend once asked me if I use artificial intelligence sites to write my articles. I told her I didn’t. At the time I wasn’t even aware that using AI for copywriting was a thing. My friend went on to recommend two sites she thought I could use. I was under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and this seemed like the perfect solution. My friend is quite tech savvy and likes to keep up with latest developments so this was her way of helping me out.

Out of curiosity, I signed up for the free trials, which were seven days. There was quite a lot to take in, with each platform offering different options and services. I experimented with a couple of headlines and asked the AI to write introductions and lists. The generated copies were not perfect, requiring some editing, but there were some benefits. I didn’t have to write everything from scratch and the articles contained additional points which I had not thought of, but probably could have, with a bit more research.

The downside was that I still had to expand on the articles as well as edit them. I can, however, understand why busy content writers or organisations might use such platforms.

Seven days was not enough for me to fully explore what the platforms had to offer. Still, knowing about the availability of these options got me thinking. Would I use artificial intelligence to write my articles? The answer is no. I use writing to express my thoughts and process complex emotions. For example, my family recently suffered a bereavement. It was sudden. It was tragic. When I received the news I did the only thing I knew to do. I picked up my pen and started writing. I like how one writer put it when they said, “I bleed ink on paper.” That’s me. AI could never do that for me.

Using artificial intelligence would be like asking someone to eat on my behalf, or doing any of those personal things that only a person can only do for themselves. Yes, you can do my shopping, or even cook for me but you definitely cannot eat on my behalf. Doing so would not only take away the pleasure of eating from me, but it would also still leave me hungry.

It also made me wonder if using these services is how some writers are able to churn out a lot of content consistently, especially those who consistently publish three to four articles per day whilst running a full household and holding down a day job!

In fact, now that I know about these platforms I no longer feel intimidated by seemingly highly productive people.

I had forgotten about the sites offering articles generated by artificial intelligence until recently when I came across an article by Linda Guest.

I love technology and how it has helped improve our lives in countless ways. However, I don’t think that using A.I. to write articles is the answer to the demand for content.

I still believe that we need an element of human connection. It’s the reason why most of us prefer to deal with real humans when resolving issues. There is something very powerful about how we as humans interact and express our thoughts which can never be replaced by artificial intelligence, no matter how efficient it is.

We may want to generate more content in the hope of earning more, attracting more customers, or increasing visibility but we also need to remember that sometimes less is more.

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