Restaurant at Risk of Closing Because of a Just Eats Loophole

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A restaurant is at risk of closure as scammers are exploiting a Just Eats loophole to get free meals.

Gulzar Hussain Shoro owns and runs Sweets Town and Grill in Chadwell Heath, Romford. He opened the restaurant, which delivers sweet treats to the residents of East London, in 2021. Now he risks losing his business.

Customers have been using the Just Eats app to get food for free by exploiting a loophole in Just eats’ systems.

Scammers have been setting up accounts under false names and placing large orders. After they receive the order they submit a request for a refund. Reasons given are that they are unhappy with the order. The app does not require them to provide evidence and the restaurant is forced to issue a refund.

Staff at the restaurant have coined a term for the scam calling it “chew and screw”.

Just Eat has defended its “robust” anti-fraud measures and said it is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Shoro estimated he is losing as much as 20 per cent of his weekly intake and said if the scammers continue, he is at risk of losing his business.

The scammers usually place large orders. When you also factor in the associated delivery costs, the value mounts up.

Shoro is now considering pulling out of Just Eats. However, his staff believe they have identified some of the scammers, who, despite their multiple accounts, have left a trail in the last four digits of their card numbers. This has at least enabled them to file a fraud report with the police, who are now investigating the matter.

Most small businesses were hit hard by the lockdown and registering with Just Eats was a way to help them stay in business. When people exploit businesses in their own community they don’t seem to realise that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

The businesses they exploit could provide jobs for them and their families.

Source: Ilford Recorder

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