Man Now Sleeps on a Couch Because His Girlfriend Smells

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A man has been forced to move from the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend and is now sleeping on a couch in the living room. She refuses to shower.

The man, who has been with his girlfriend for three years, said that he loved her but could no longer put up with the strong smell. The living room couch is now his new bedroom.

The couple have not been living together for very long but it is surprising that during their three year relationship he has never noticed her lack of hygiene. He did notice that she sometimes had a strong body odour but explained it away as being part of human nature. Everyone has a body odour, so it is understandable.

Another reason he didn’t notice it so much before moving in with her may have been that she showered before visiting him. Now that they live together he knows that she showers once every two weeks maximum.

He put up with the smell for a few months before broaching the subject of personal hygiene. She didn’t take it very well, apparently and started crying. She was angry that he even brought the matter up and said that it was none of his business.

It just goes to prove that you never truly know someone until you start living with them. Some people shower less frequently to avoid huge water bills or to cut down on the cost of toiletries. So, how often should we all the showering?

According to WebMD showering frequency is a matter of personal choice. There is no one size fits all.

For many people, two to three times a week is enough and may be even better to maintain good health. It depends in part on your lifestyle. Someone who spends hours in the hot sun working in the yard or running or biking, will likely need to bathe more often than someone who’s cool and indoors.
There are other factors, too. If you have certain allergies or especially oily skin, it may be a good idea to shower more often. On the other hand, it might be better for people with certain skin conditions to keep showers to a minimum.
It also depends on how long you spend in the shower (or bath).

Source: The Sun

Source: WebMD

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