Bride-to-be Uninvites Sister to Wedding for Refusing to Buy £3,500 Gift

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A bride-to-be has uninvited her sister to her wedding for refusing to buy a £3,500 gift.

A woman took to social media to ask for advice after she was uninvited to her sister’s wedding.

Most brides’ registry lists include essential items for the home. If they think their guests can afford it they might include one or two expensive things. It’s also usually up to the guests to decide what they can or can’t afford. They don’t usually get uninvited for not buying a gift either.

One bride-to-be was different.

When the she drew up her wedding gift list she made it clear that she wanted a £3,500 gaming computer from her sister and husband. She even sent links to three separate sites so her sibling wouldn’t have trouble finding it online. They said they would bear her request in mind, not realising how serious she was until they told her that they couldn’t afford it.

When her request was refused the bride-to-be‘s response was, “If you don’t buy me what I want, don’t bother coming to my wedding.”

Replies from readers have ranged from horrified “She’s spoilt,” and sympathetic, “Go to the wedding and buy her a toaster“ to indifferent, “She wouldn’t make such a demand if she didn’t think you could afford it.

The parents of the bride-to-be think that the sister should ignore the comment and still attend the wedding.

It seems unreasonable to expect a loved one to fork out for something they may not be in a position to afford and then hurt their feelings by uninviting them. Weddings are supposed to be happy celebrations not fund-raising events.

The general consensus is that the sister should not back down. One reader commented,

"Your sister either thinks you have more money than you do or that she is entitled to tell you how to spend what money you do have. Not her place in either case.

"She's prioritizing her own selfishness over her relationship with you. Which sucks. I'm sorry. But you did nothing wrong."

Source: The Sun

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