Think All You Have to Worry About in WA are Murder Hornets?


If you think the murder hornets are all there is to be concerned about, then you haven't been paying attention. While most insects in Washingon are relatively harmless, there are a few others you want to watch out for and steer clear of.

Check out these 5 insects that when you see them, it's best to walk the other way (and call an exterminator):

  1. Brown Mantidfly. This bug resembles a wasp but as the name implies is actually brown rather than black and yellow. While not harmful in the sense that you won't die if you're bitten, this bug's bite and sting is much more painful than a wasp's.
  2. Yellow Sac Spider. This is one spider you want to stay away from. Their venom while not fatal can in some cases lead to cramps, nausea, and or a fever. In rare cases, the bite can cause ulcers at the site of the bite. If that happens you need immediate medical attention. This spider tends to be noctural and if one does make its way into your home it is not uncommon for it get into bedding, clothes or shoes.
  3. Devil's Coach Horse. This is one bug you really want to avoid. They are nocturnal and like to run on the ground even though they have the capability to fly. While not harmful to humans, they also are not to be messed with. You can find them in gardens or near compost heaps. If you disturb a devil's coach horse they can curl up their back end just like a scorpion would, and spew a really nasty smelling liquid. As if that weren't bad enough, their bite is extremely painful to humans. Run if you see this one!
  4. Giant Water Bug. This bug is the stuff of nightmares. While it is not harmful to humans, it does have a bite that is very painful. They live in fresh water streams, slow moving water and muddy water. They typically hide in plant matter which is how humans sometimes miss them. They are also called "toe biters" for the painful bite they can deliver to humans who happen to come into contact with them while swimming.
  5. Bed Bugs. These tiny pests are some of the worst you can find in your home. It only takes one or two eggs in a home with people or animals, and before you know it, you have an infestation the likes of which are very difficult to get rid of. If you are allergic to bed bugs, their bites will cause red raised welts that have a ferocious itch. Bed bugs are very small and difficult to see with the naked eye. Bed bugs are nocturnal and will come out at night to bite you and your pets. In humans the bites tend to be on the face and neck area, but they can bite you anywhere on your body. The only way to really get rid of bed bugs is to go through a series of steps that includes cleaning your home from top to bottom and having an exterminator come in.

And you thought you only had to worry about the murder hornets!

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