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Humpday headlines: Curry swoops 3-point record at MSG, arrest made in connection to Tesla parking lot homicide and more

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Steph Curry hosts star-studded event while clutching 3-point record

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Jon Stewart, Spike Lee, Tracy Morgan, and Pete Davidson were just a few of the celebrities in attendance to witness Steph Curry surpass Ray Allen for the all-time record for career 3-pointers with a total of 2,977.

And the Warriors beat the Knicks 105-96 advancing to a record of 23-5, the best in the league, ESPN reports.

“I thought the night was perfect,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. While making the record-breaking shot in front of fans in the Bay Area would have been ideal, doing it at Madison Square Garden wasn’t too shabby. “If you can’t do it at home, this is definitely a great Plan B,” Curry said.

Kerr called a time out immediately after Curry made the record 3-pointer to celebrate. “It just pretty much encapsulated who he is and his reaction to it was perfect,” Kerr said.

Allen, who maintained the record for 3-pointers for ten years, was also in attendance to congratulate Curry.

The Warriors’ defense also showed up Tuesday evening, locking down the Knicks’ offense to 36%.

Jordan Poole pulled down nine rebounds and went 13 for 13 at the free throw line, contributing 19 points to the Dubs’ win.

Draymond Green, who scored eight points, dished up seven assists and 11 rebounds, had kind words for the new king of threes. “Steph is the best to ever shoot a basketball and we get the opportunity to go to work with him every day and it’s a very special thing,” he said, adding that he believes Curry could score another 1,000 3-pointers over the remainder of his career.

Golden State will face Boston on Friday at TD Garden.

Suspect arrested in connection to Tesla parking lot homicide in Fremont

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Fremont police on Monday arrested Anthony Solima in connection to the shooting homicide of his Tesla co-worker at the factory parking lot in Fremont, KCBS reports.

Solima was arrested after a warrant was issued in Milpitas Monday evening, authorities announced Tuesday. Solima has since been booked at the Santa Rita County Jail.

Investigators say that Solima worked alongside the victim and that the pair argued “earlier in the day,” and that Solima “suddenly walked off the job.” The victim was allegedly shot by Solima as he left following the end of his shift Monday.

A warrant for Solima’s arrest was obtained at 11:16 p.m. He was arrested about 45 minutes after he exited his car in Milpitas. Authorities said that he "immediately surrendered,” at that point.

Investigators discovered "several expended .223 rifle casings" at the scene Monday. Police recovered a .223 rifle with no serial number from Solima’s vehicle following his arrest. Spent .223 shell casings were also discovered in Solima’s car.

Solima is scheduled for arraignment Thursday at the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin, according to county records.

License plate readers, additional CHP patrols requested by Oakland Mayor

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Oakland Mayor Libby Scaaf has asked California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a letter for the installation of license plate readers along city highways and freeway onramps along with additional support from the California Highway Patrol, East Bay Times reports.

Schaaf’s request comes after the Oakland City Council approved additional funding to expand Oakland police academies in order to fill vacancies with the department, asking Newson for “as much CHP presence and traffic enforcement as possible in Oakland, particularly on the state highways that double as arterial roadways.”

The letter to the governor comes as the city recently reached a grim milestone of 131 deaths, the highest number of homicides recorded in Oakland in a decade.

Schaaf also cited a “surge in violence has included reckless driving and gunfire brought on by sideshow activity and caravans of armed individuals engaged in mass robberies and coordinated thefts.”

The Governor’s office has not yet responded to Schaaf’s letter.

The license plate readers are used in other cities to help solve crimes by matching the plates of stolen cars while using GPS technology that allows authorities to identify when a vehicle was last seen and where.

License plate-reading cameras can either be attached to police vehicles or placed in stationary positions on roadways.

“The need for a system that can capture vehicle descriptions and alert law enforcement to vehicles associated with violent crime, in real time, has never been more apparent. Such technology can multiply law enforcement efforts in a focused, intelligence-based manner, while still balancing the important privacy interests of the community,” Schaaf’s letter read. “Creating a network of vehicle recognition cameras will assist with providing investigative leads, in real-time, that will both help prevent violence and solve violent crime.”

Leaders in Chinatown in August requested that the governor send more police to curb crime in Oakland. Newsom sent additional patrols to certain areas such as International Boulevard in September, which is a state highway. Shaaf said the increased patrols were “extremely helpful.”

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