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Friday in the East Bay: Dubs win home opener, frontline responders in Oakland get additional funding and more

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Oakland City Council unanimously approves higher pay for MARCO program

The Oakland City Council on Tuesday approved the Oct.12 recommendation from the Public Safety Committee’s recommendation for the Mobile Assistance Crisis Responders of Oakland (“MACRO”) in providing frontline responders with higher salaries to make the jobs sustainable, according to a press release.

The MARCO program aims to remove law enforcement officers from non-emergency 911 calls, allowing frontline responders to respond to calls involving mental health crises, a program which has been strongly pushed by Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan.

“We are working towards ensuring that this program is set up to uplift lives in our city, providing an effective civilian response option. MACRO is being launched as an internal program within the Oakland Fire Department, the personnel would be non-sworn and from our city’s most impacted communities, Kaplan wrote in a letter to Senator Nancy Skinner, successfully advocating $10 million for the MARCO program.

The vote will also remove educational barriers for frontline workers.

Tuesday’s vote also includes a timeline that requires the administration to return with options for MARCO 24/7 service within six months as well as the creation of a community MARCO advisory board and Grant Writing support to fund the program due by Nov. 16.

Warriors prevail over Clippers in home opener

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The Warriors are off to a strong start this season going 2-0 after narrowly beating the Los Angeles Clippers 115-113 Thursday night at the Chase Center for the Dubs home opener, East Bay Times reports.

And Warriors coach Steve Kerr had much praise for Steph Curry who dropped a whopping 25 points in the first quarter, racking up a total 45 pints for the night – connecting on his first 10 attempts.

“Steph Curry was just Steph Curry. There’s never been anybody like him,” Kerr said after the game. “I thought our guys just really stuck with it. Draymond (Green) and Andre (Iguodala) were amazing defensively. … After we took the early lead, I just thought they got into us. Their physicality bothered us, led to a lot of those turnovers.”

And if 45 points wasn’t a big enough contribution, Curry stuck a catch-and-shoot jumper with less than a minute left, giving the Dubs the game winning points. Read more of this story.

Alameda officials announce sideshows are no more

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The Alameda City Council on Tuesday approved measures to curb illegal sideshows at Alameda Point – a former Naval base, East Bay Times reports.

The City Council proposed the installation of concrete barriers, temporary fencing, and speed bumps around the former Naval base.

“I think the message is pretty clear,” Councilman Tony Daysog said in response to residents concerned about sideshows, adding, “Help is on the way.”

Police received 428 reports of reckless driving connected to sideshow activity between the dates of Jan. 1 to Sept. 20. Over 100 of those calls were made to report sideshows at Alameda Point.

Most of the residents living at the former Navy base are part of the Alameda Point Collective, a nonprofit providing housing and services for residents who were once homeless.

The move by the Alameda City Council falls inline with actions taken by the City of San Jose in June, enacting ordinances that makes it a misdemeanor to participate, watch, plan or promote within 200 feet of any illegal sideshow. Read more of this story.

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