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Wednesday in the East Bay: Spin Doctors head to Alameda Co. Fair, Belcampo Oakland says farewell and more

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Alameda County Fair puts the 90s in heavy rotation – Smash Mouth booted

The Spin Doctors will headline at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton on Oct. 27 following the breakdown of Smash Mouth due to the bizarre behavior of frontman Steve Harwell during a show in New York, East Bay Times reports.

But with the 90s back in fashion, who better to rock the fair than the group responsible for such hits as “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues” and “Two Princes.”

Fans expecting to hear “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star” may have to wait until Smash Mouth's possible regrouping without Harwell due to his behavior at an event in Syracuse, New York earlier this month.

Harwell spiraled into a full-blown meltdown cussing at the crowd, hurling threats while slurring his words before doing “what appeared to be a Nazi salute to the crowd,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Smash Mouth says they plan on finding a replacement vocalist.

Visit alamedacountyfair.com for more information. Read more of this story.

Lafayette Art and Wine Festival set for November

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The Lafayette Chamber of Commerce announced the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival will take place Nov. 5-6 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and will feature musical performances, “tasty tapas,” art from local creators and of course – wine.

The event will take place at Creekside Commons located at 1035 Carol Lane.

Event organizers announced that anyone wishing to attend must be fully vaccinated. The event will be limited to only 130 people per night with tickets running a cool $100 per person. Read more of this story.

Facing extreme drought, this golf course is making strides in water conservation

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The Canyon Lakes Golf Course in San Ramon has adjusted its water usage over the summer months by recycling water, KTVU reports.

East Bay Municipal Utility District reported that the course has saved roughly 300,000 gallons of water a day by recycling water that’s later re-used for irrigation.

The recycled water is waste water that’s been treated and can also be used to cool buildings and for various industrial processes.

While this week’s forecast looks like a wet one, the efforts of the Canyon Lakes come amid a historic drought in California with water levels at Lake Tahoe dropping below the basin rim. Read more of this story.

Belcampo abruptly shutters Oakland, San Mateo restaurants

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The upscale butcher, restaurant and e-commerce operation, Belcampo, announced that it will end most of its business operations amid a mislabeling scandal spurred by a whistleblower at the company’s Santa Monica location, East Bay Times Reports.

“It is with a mixture of sadness and pride that Belcampo is ending our branded e-commerce, retail and restaurant operations,” read a note on Belcampo's homepage. “We want to thank you for supporting our company. You inspired us to create products that were delicious and reflected a care for our global environment. We are grateful that you joined us on this journey.”

Belcampo closed its locations at Jack London Square in Oakland and another location in San Mateo. The high end butcher operated five locations in California and New York, building a reputation on transparency.

The whistleblower, identified by InsideHook as Even Reiner, came forward with the revelations on social media.

“The meat @belcampomeatco is not local anymore. It is not organic. It is not grass-fed,” Reiner said as he took video of non-Belcampo meats from Minnesota and Tasmania. “They are lying to your face and charging $47.99/lb. for filet that is either USDA choice and corn-fed or from a foreign country. They do not care about your health. They care about money.”

He reported that fillets marketed as being grass-fed selling for $47.99 a pound, were in fact corn-fed and were purchased by Belcampo at $10 a pound.

“For those of you with allergies and health conditions revolving around corn and soy, please buy elsewhere, for your own health (and money),” he added.

Belcampo co-CEO and co-founder Anya Fernald said in a video post that the allegations were “heartbreaking for me,” adding that the incident was limited to only the Santa Monica location.

“I deeply apologize for the mislabeling and poor sourcing in our Belcampo Santa Monica location that I learned about from a video posted by our former employee,” Fernald said.

However, Belcampo also stated that “our butcher shop locations have a small degree of autonomy when it comes to sourcing meats for their local customer base or when there are supply shortages on certain items. The same high standards used for our own production should be adhered to when sourcing third party products. Based on our investigation, there were multiple failures in adherence to these standards at the Santa Monica location,” adding that a full audit will be carried out at all locations to determine the extent of the external sourcing issue. Read more of this story.

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