Here’s Why Most People Will Never Truly Be Rich

Reece Robertson

The difference between wealth and fulfillment.

Many people are on an endless quest for monetary wealth. They think the more money they have, the easier and happier their life will be. That if only they could become “rich,” then they can finally have everything they’ve ever wanted.

Although the problem is, this is a pursuit that never ends. There is no point where you suddenly get declared “rich.” You don’t add a few zeros to your net worth and then get an email that reads, “Congrats, you’re rich!”

Instead, being rich is more of a feeling than it is a figure. It’s about being congruent with oneself. It’s about doing what you truly want, value, and believe in.

For many, their desire and greed for money take them on a crazy path where they get everything but this. Hence, Tony Robbins has a saying: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

What this article proposes is a pursuit for a better life where fulfillment, not wealth, is at the forefront. Under this model, you find that you don’t actually need much money to live the life you really want.

Ready? Here we go.

Decide Specifically What You Want and Why

“Most people drift through life without devoting much conscious energy to figuring out specifically what they want and what they need to do to get themselves there.” -Darren Hardy

If you were to ask most people what they're currently pursuing in life, they might confess: “I want a million dollars.“I want a BMW.” “I want a house by the lake.”

Although what they don’t actually realize is that these are not their true desires. Rather, what they really want is the underlying feelings and freedoms that these things will give them.

For example, having a million dollars would give you the freedom to create any life you desire and live on your own terms. Driving a BMW would give you status and a vehicle you’re proud of. However, since most people are only focused on the vehicle or the money, that’s all they ever get.

As Nicolas Cole has brilliantly put it,

“Nothing will ever be enough, as long as you are looking to the “thing” to fulfill you.”

What’s a more effective way to set goals is to not focus on what you want to achieve, but instead, on who you wish to become.

Rather than thinking you need to achieve something in the future in order to finally have peace and fulfillment, you decide upon your ideal future and then live as that person today.

You think about the emotions and experiences you’d like to ideally have on a daily basis and then allow those things to shape your present behaviors. For example, here are a few points from my ideal future:

  • My health is always greater than my wealth.
  • I can fly and live anywhere on earth that I choose.
  • I have no time obligations or deadlines.
  • My behavior is deliberate and intentional rather than reactive and unintentional.

With these ideals in mind, my behavior is no longer put through the filter of making the most money or appearing to have status, but rather, becoming the person and leading the life I want to have.

Ultimately, this requires less money than simply having the goal of making a million dollars. While it also creates more fulfillment as you’re doing what’s truly congruent with you. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Live in the Gain Not the Gap

“You can be successful and happy or successful and unhappy. The difference is in how you measure your progress.” -Dan Sullivan

According to Dan Sullivan, there are two ways to measure your progress in life:

  1. You can measure yourself against your ideal and consistently focus on what’s missing (The Gap) or;
  2. You can measure yourself against where you formerly were and regularly realize and appreciate how far you’ve come (The Gain)

Of course, the former is what creates feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. While the latter creates feelings of satisfaction, confidence, and gratitude.

One will have you thinking that you’re wasting your time and getting nowhere in life. While the other will remind you of how far you’ve and give you the courage to continue onto the next stage of growth.

So, why rob yourself of the joy that comes from ‘leveling up?

Why not choose to see all the positive and good happening in your life?

Why not focus on who you're becoming rather than what you're getting?

Most people will never truly be rich because they aren’t willing to make this simple switch. How about you?

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