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5 Instagram-worthy Restaurants and Cafes in Houston

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When it comes to food, Houston does not disappoint! But what if you want good food and great shots for the Instagram? Here are my top 5 recommendations!

#1 Proper Rose GardenI had the most amazing high-tea experience at Proper Rose Garden, Houston’s newest and hottest high tea place! Located in Katy Asia Town, this restaurant is tucked in a newer side of Katy. Even if you live a little farther out from here, Proper Rose Garden will definitely be worth your trip! One step into this restaurant and you will be immersed in a lovely tea room with comfortable lavender-colored round booths and benches for seating. The menu features a variety of tea options and Proper Rose Garden also has their own specialty milk teas, such as the Rose Milk, Lavender Milk, Taro Milk, Matcha Milk, and more. They also have fruit teas such as Raspberry Strawberry Tea, Pomegranate and Strawberry Tea, and Honey Citrus Tea just to name a few! To keep the tea warm, they even have a candle under the teapot for you to enjoy the tea at your own leisure.

In addition to teas, they also have delicious snacks, sandwiches, salads, and desserts! I really enjoyed their Popcorn Chicken and Dragonyaki (the first of its kind!). The Dragonyaki was a tayaki you could fill with custard, red bean, or matcha and is topped with yummy soft serve. The popcorn chicken was so fresh and definitely addicting.As a high tea place, Proper Rose Garden definitely knows how to deliver with its Proper Rose Garden set for dine-in customers. For an affordable price of $50 per set, you can choose between their four sandwich options, select a tea of your choice, and also choose a dessert of your liking! In addition to your selections, they fill the trays with tons of goodies such as scones, macarons, cheesecake bites, and chocolates! Truly a dream set for a girls day or a date! Needless to say, the ambiance of the restaurant as well as the beautiful display of the food makes Proper Rose Garden a perfect restaurant to get that Instagram-worthy shot!


# 2 Pondicheri Restaurant & Bake Lab + ShopYou are in for a treat if you have never been to Pondicheri before! Located in Upper Kirby, this restaurant gives a modern twist to Indian-inspired cuisine. From their amazing menu, which includes french toast with nutella and cardamom, butter chicken, breakfast frankie, and much more, Pondecherri will enrich your dining experience with their unique and deliciously flavored dishes. I also particularly enjoy Pondicheri’s house chai. This chai is what authentic chai tastes like - not the sugary ones you order at a Starbucks. This chai is the real stuff and you can taste the difference (nothing wrong with the chai lattes from Starbucks, but come here if you want the traditional flavor!).

The second floor of Pondicheri is the Bake Lab & Shop! This floor serves the pastries and quick items that you can grab a casual bite with. Similar to the unique flavors of the restaurant, the Pondicheri Bake Lab & Shop has some amazing bakes, such as the chili chocolate chip cookie, vegan lavender chocolate cookie, bombay benedict, samosa and soup, and more!The interior of both floors is also very pleasant and unique. Outdoor dining is plentiful both at the restaurant and bake lab level. This spot is definitely worth a visit as well to capture the beautiful food and ambiance of both indoor and outdoor dining here.

#3 The Kitchen at DunlavyOne drive by this place and you may easily miss it, but that is what makes The Kitchen at Dunlavy so enchanting. The restaurant is located along Allen Parkway but was designed to feel like a treehouse in the park! Stepping into the restaurant, you will be immediately captivated by the high ceilings and natural lighting of this place. Chandeliers hang from the ceilings, yet the tables are wooden and rustic and you can see greenery from the park through the large windows, giving the restaurant a treehouse feel, which uniquely juxtaposes the beautiful chandeliers.There is not much or there is hardly anything to dislike about this place. The food is superb and the interior is definitely Instagram-worthy. Some notable menu items I have tried at The Kitchen at Dunlavy are the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, the Pistachio Rose Scone, and Lox Plate. Unfortunately, this restaurant is only open for private events and currently closed to the public due to the current COVID situation, but definitely pencil this place in once things return to normal. We all have to do our part to support local businesses the best we can during these times.

#4 Egg HausEgg Haus is an amazing brunch spot in The Heights! Whoever designed the interior of this place and chose their menu was a genius. Let’s start with the egg sandwiches - perfectly soft scrambled eggs are nested between a brioche bun, with various other fillings you can add, such as sausage, bacon, and even steak! These sandwiches give the perfect soft bite, the breakfast poster child for all the breakfast sandwiches out there. Next we have the artisan croissants - Egg Haus does an amazing job with these! Baked fresh every day and beautifully topped with different flavors such as rose, lavender, smores, Reese’s peanut butter, chocolate with gold flakes, these croissants are sure to brighten anyone’s morning. Egg Haus also makes seasonal croissants, such as their Apple Pie Croissant and Strawberry Croissant, so you can never get bored with their flavors.


Speaking of variety, Egg Haus has also perfected their drink menu - from matcha to coffee to chai to hot chocolate, they have it all! During the holiday months, they also featured seasonal hot chocolates on a weekly basis from Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Chocolate to Peppermint Hot Chocolate to Ferrero Rocher Hot Cocoa to Gingerbread Hot Cocoa. The interior is also very beautiful and vibrant, the perfect atmosphere to give you that happy morning boost! Food or interior, this spot is definitely great for photos!

#5 Honey Art Cafe Honey Art Cafe is definitely a photo-worthy place because the interior is so magical! Step into this cafe and you will immediately be enchanted by the wall art featuring women with pink and blue hair at the end of a rainbow splash of color. You can order from a menu featuring savory and sweet snacks and accompany those with a coffee or tea. The cafe also hosts DIY art projects and experiences! Come here for relaxing vibes and a good time.


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