Summer 2021, where to go in Europe?


After the past year, 2021 is ready to return to travel safely in Europe. You will not be able to go to different countries, but this does not mean that you will not be able to travel, on the contrary! It will be possible to visit many places in total safety. This is because many states have adapted to the Covid-19 situation and have made the necessary changes to their tourist offer, to attract the largest number of visitors in total safety and well-being.

So if you are looking for an idea, an inspiration or you are simply curious to know which are the cheapest and most popular destinations for summer 2021, you are in the right place!

If you are looking for the perfect place for your summer in Europe, here is a list with the best destinations: here are some ideas for organizing your 2021 summer holidays.

1) Slovenja
Lake Bled@davide.anzimanni

A truly small territory, but which retains a natural, cultural and historical wealth that is the envy of many other great nations. There are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia: the small capital Ljubljana and the romantic and super-photographed Lake Bled. The green of the parks, mountains and hills is the color that best represents Slovenia on geographical maps: the territory is almost intact, dotted with small villages, waterfalls, caves, rivers preserved in a dense network of national parks.

The naturalness of the landscape is occasionally interrupted by small and livable villages and towns, perfectly integrated into the environment: this is the case of Maribor (Marburg), a well-known ski resort with a beautiful historic center; or Lasko, known above all by those who love beer and spas.

2) Greece

Greece is a unique country of its kind: rich in history, civilization, joyful and sunny, it offers unique landscapes in any city or area where you stay. It is the place to discover the origins of our civilization, to be subjugated by the charm of temples that have resisted for over a thousand years, to admire the artistic masterpieces of the ancient world. But it is also a country where you can indulge in idleness, indulging in a dip in the bluest sea in Europe and cheerful dinners in delicious traditional restaurants, or indulge in an unbridled nightlife. Beaches, museums, ancient cities, traditional villages, a metropolis that combines ancient and modern in a fascinating mix: there is really nothing missing in Greece!

The things to see and do absolutely in the Greek islands are:

- Watch the sunset over the Santorini caldera

- photograph from above the beach of the Shipwreck in Zakynthos

- walk through the white streets of Mykonos

- visit the palace of Knossos in Crete, where according to the myth Theseus managed to defeat the Minotaur thanks to Ariadne's thread

- stroll in the historic center of the city of Rhodes

3) Spain
Barcelona, Casa Batlò@davide.anzimanni

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe is definitely Spain. Spain is also a lucky land: it is blessed with a mild climate, it boasts beautiful beaches, it has mountains to discover and plains that offer extraordinary agricultural products. And everything is made even more special by a long and rich history that has bequeathed works of art and architectural masterpieces. That would already be a lot. But the story of what to see in Spain is then enriched with a list of cities that are unique for their beauty - and special for the quality of life - that are easy to fall in love with: and not just the big cities Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or Bilbao. Because here even small towns like Ronda or Zaragozza have a unique charm. And the list goes on and on.

The land of "sun, sand and sangria". A magical place rich in history, culture, art and nature.

Spain has one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe, but its true character stems from its culture. Which lies behind the stones of the churches and palaces, in its rites and in its heartfelt traditions. In the flavors of its dishes and in the panorama of the narrow streets of the historic centers.

These are the three cheapest places to travel in 2021. Everything is cheap, from the plane to food to accommodation. What are you waiting for? Ready to go!

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