Earth day and what to do to help our planet


Today, 22 April, the 51st World Earth Day is celebrated, designed to raise awareness of respect for the environment and the protection of the planet in general. Today we celebrate our wonderful planet, but we also recognize that it needs our help and our protection from threats such as climate change and the immense amount of plastic that is suffocating it.

There is something in nature, in the wide open spaces, in adventures and in new cultures, that rejuvenates and nourishes our soul. It allows us to get away from our everyday life and encourages us to live the present slowly.

So let's not ruin everything, ours is the only Earth we have!

What can we do in our own small way then to help preserve the Earth? Here are some small tips on how to live in a more sustainable way.

1) Limit the consumption of plastic.

The spread of plastic is one of the great problems of our planet. World plastic production is constantly growing and showing no signs of decreasing: from 15 million tons in 1964, we went to about 400 million in 2016. In 1990 production exceeded that of steel and today plastic is the third most widespread human material on Earth after steel and concrete.

Approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up from coastal nations into the oceans every year. It is equivalent to throwing five bags of garbage every 30 centimeters of coast all over the world.

So what can we do in our own small way? Limit the amount of plastic bottles preferring glass ones, or reusing a single plastic bottle several times, limit the use of plastic cutlery, limit plastic bags and gloves in supermarkets and above all, never throw plastic on the ground or in the middle of nature.

2) Try to use the machine as little as possible.

CO2 emissions are constantly increasing and are one of the main factors of global pollution. The world is now testing and using electric cars more and more and raising awareness of transport, but this may not be enough.

Each of us in his own small way can do something, starting to use the car less for his own movements, also because walking and admiring the beauties of their cities is good as well as doing healthy physical activity!

3) Do not waste water.

While brushing your teeth, face or hands, try a simple but very useful gesture: turn off the water tap. In fact, water is a very precious resource for everyone and should not be wasted! Each of us every day unwittingly consumes much more water than is actually needed, causing serious damage to the planet. If we all learn to turn off the tap or limit the jet while carrying out actions such as washing dishes or washing or cleaning things or places, we can greatly help the environment around us.

4) Limit the use of the card.

In this case, modern technology plays in our favor, and compared to many years ago the paper has been replaced with figital files. But this is not enough because paper is a very precious asset and should not be wasted! To produce a sheet of white paper, in fact, cellulose is consumed, which is obtained from the cut trees, a lot of water and a lot of electricity. Can you imagine how many trees need to be cut, how much water and how much electricity needs to be consumed every day to produce all the paper that is consumed in the world?

The best way to help the environment is therefore to get used to not wasting paper.

  • Remember that every day can be a day in honor of our Planet, we must love and respect it because it is the only one we have.

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