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The key to success in life is to avoid wasting time. Life is short and the time we have seems like a long time, but if we look back we see how much it has already passed. Being productive and trying to achieve our goals in the shortest time (thus also reducing fatigue) is the dream of many. But without habits and sacrifices nothing is achieved.

Lost time cannot be made up for, therefore we must optimize what we have available. How? So here's how to create a healthy routine to be more productive, save time and achieve our goals.

1) Plan activities. A good habit to save time is certainly to plan activities at least the night before for the day after. The best and most organized can plan even entire weeks or months, but you need to have a fixed and consolidated routine to do it.

Scheduling every single thing to do will make you produce more throughout the day. Mentally, patterns will be created within which you know you will have to perform an action, and once the time has elapsed you will be "forced" to move on to another. This will allow you to have far fewer distractions, focus on things to do, and increase your productivity almost twice as much as before.

2) Be active. Energy is everything. You cannot increase the minutes of the day or lengthen the weeks to have more time, but you can increase your energy and therefore your attention and productivity. How? Seeing food as fuel and sleep as healing. Eating healthy foods, vitamins and minerals properly will keep our minds active and make our productivity at peak.

People who claim to have little time try to sleep as little as possible to try to increase the hours available to them during the day. But sleep is a key factor in being more productive. Without sleep you risk being nervous, irritable, tired and irretrievably these things lead to a less productive day, as well as double your physical and mental fatigue. The ideal would be to sleep at least 8 hours a night, going to sleep early and waking up earlier.

3) Try to have a good morning routine. Going to sleep early and waking up early before others has many benefits. Creating a morning routine to "feed your body" and prepare it for a new day is a great way to stay focused on the day's goals. A great variety of activities can be done on a regular basis, as soon as you wake up or in the morning. Among the most recommended activities are having a healthy breakfast, rich and filling but made with healthy ingredients, doing physical exercise such as a good run or walk or meditation or yoga.

All this will give you the charge to face the day in the best possible way and will keep you focused on your goals, also making you feel less tired.

4) Don't postpone and don't procrastinate. Saying "no, I'll do this tomorrow" is a very common thing, but people who don't want to waste time have no time to postpone. So do things when they have to be done, otherwise we risk not only forgetting them, but reaching a point where we have so many things to do that we can no longer manage them!

5) Take care of your body and mind. We don't live to work, but we work to be able to live. There is not only work in our life and we must always remember to always take some time for ourselves and for our psycho-physical well-being. A good psycho-physical condition is achieved by fighting the stress accumulated during the day or by reducing loads at scheduled intervals. Eating well and regularly, doing physical activity at the end of the day or on a lunch break, going out with friends or colleagues without returning home at unlikely times, reading, listening to music or watching a film are all great ways to relax and recharge your batteries. In short: establishing "escapes" from work to dedicate time to what makes us feel good is just as important as planning and managing commitments.

6) Limit distractions. Productivity is a matter of commitment and can only be maximized with experience. Learning to organize your time is a long process that cannot be acquired in a few days, but understanding how to manage emails, social networks and breaks throughout the day will mark a decisive turning point. The first step is to establish precise moments in which to take a break and distract yourself, forcing yourself to return to work and focus exclusively on what you are doing.

The productivity curve, in fact, depends on the degree of concentration reached: as a rule, it grows slowly but steadily and enters full capacity after about half an hour. From this we deduce that taking a break every twenty minutes means having to start over each time while, on the contrary, establishing continuous work intervals of about an hour or an hour and a half helps to make the most of concentration without further fatigue. .

7) Get on with your work. Sometimes it happens to finish the planned work early and find yourself with nothing to do. Not very often, to be honest, but it happens. The first and unstoppable feeling is to take a long break until the end of the day and, sometimes, that's the best thing to do. But if the day hasn't been particularly busy and the next ones you already know will be full and complicated, getting on with the job will prove to be a wise decision.

Instead of wasting time when you have a lot of it available, try to earn some for those moments when you really need it: you will be able to complete more complex projects with greater ease, with much less effort than expected and without reducing yourself to the last few with deliveries!

These are small steps to try to save time and be more productive. But remember to always keep a positive attitude and also surround yourself with people who make the road towards your goals serene, it will be easier in this way to keep the focus and realize your days!

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