10 Amazing Silver Linings from Covid 19

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Image by the Author Christopher Boswell

People have honored my space and even keep saying excuse me sir!

“I want to just say, “Thank you,” to COVID-19 because without it, I wouldn’t have discovered what it was like to have a family. Before COVID it was work, money and booze, but with this isolation, I discovered a whole new me and a family that had become strangers.” 
― Anthony T. Hincks

One Week to Pandemic

Before I get started, people have died, I feel deeply for them and their families. In no way do I want to diminish the delicate importance of that.

Life is so full of loss and separation, or is it?

I’m a stock photographer. I had scheduled a shoot with a man who loves to act and play characters.

Not having been in the studio for a while, I was anxious. While we were talking ideas, Darryl said he had a gas mask, “yeah bring it” I said. Immediately ideas began to roll thru my noggin. But neither of us knew anything about what was coming.

The studio owner was also a CBD extractor and had a funky looking stainless steel contraption with tubes and gauges. If only I could have also imagined a world wide pandemic.

We spent 3 hours in the studio.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=0Ud8hD_0YFPXUBs00 Image of Darryl Robert Small by the Author

“After watching Walking Dead for nine years and watching how people are behaving during this pandemic I have come to the conclusion that Walking Dead is not fiction.” ― Don Rittner

Making Sense of it All

Now, I do love what we made, but have to wonder about the timing. If I could have been a little more in tune to what was coming, the ideas generated would be vastly different.

What to do…so, I called him again!

The phone rang as I imagined him walking thru a crowd of people in the mask, still ringing. More images flooding in now, reading the paper, at the movies, grocery shopping.

He picked up! Excitedly I asked when we could do another shoot.

There was a pause.

Then he said, “I’m sorry Chris, we are staying in due to Covid.”

“Frick” I thought, another ship had left the port, gotta move on.

“Unlike our politicians and our religions, the current coronavirus pandemic has managed to make us care about the health of even those we hate, especially those we are likely to come across.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Needing to Know

So, I got inspired, needing to know what was happening I went out and made some aerial footage.

What I found was a very surreal scene, businesses closed, few people on the streets and there was a rumor that the National Guard was being deployed.


“Crisis either causes regress or progress depending on the will of the people.” 
 ― Abhijit Naskar

At the Pike Place Public Market in Seattle there were few people around, yet the birds did not seem to care.

No buskers playing music, no flowers or produce out on the sidewalk and no vendors in the stalls.

But there were temporary field hospitals being set up on school soccer fields and elsewhere.

It was confusing and hard to know what to think. Most people attacking the president and raging on Facebook. My work from employers evaporated overnight.

The death toll began rising worldwide.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1E0qSl_0YFPXUBs00 Image by RawPixel.com on Adobe Sock

“People are receiving billions and millions of dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is an opportunity to them to take advantage but I realized that people forgot that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon, and they must be prepare for something more tragic than the COVID-19 pandemic.” 
 ― Werley Nortreus

Attacking Me

Then a big abscess like lump appeared under my eye. It was extremely painful, affected my ability to focus and hung around for a week. It nearly forced my eye completely closed.

When it finally appeared my eye was beginning to heal, I noticed a tightness in my throat and chest. Several times it felt as though my air passage would close up.

This scared the bejewels out of me!

Then an inescapable fatigue set in, I literally had almost all the symptoms of the virus.

Oh well, I thought, no vaccine. So, I got out my masks and gloves, stayed in, and increased my already abnormally high intake of Vitamin C daily.

I was caught up in the political stuff around the virus for a while but then….

Someone said “Time is short, make the most of it.”

So, my focus was refined to look for how the situation could support me. And not just that, but move me forward into new abundance.

That is about the time that the president announced his stimulus package.

Image by the Author Christopher Boswell

“Disregard the coronavirus as you would a cannibal kissing your face.” 
 ― Kevin Ansbro

Adversity to Triumph

Before I go any further, let’s get to my list.

No school SHOOTINGS.
Traffic is nearly GONE.
Gas is more AFFORDABLE than in a decade or more.
Kids are at home with their FAMILIES.
Parents are home taking CARE of their CHILDREN.
Fast food has been replaced by HOME COOKED MEALS.
Hectic schedules replaced by NAPS, REST, & RELAXATION.
The air seems CLEANER.
The world is QUIETER.
People are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH.
Money doesn’t seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND’ & ROUND’ anymore.
Doctors, nurses, & teachers are being PRAISED and RECOGNIZED.
And now we have TIME, finally,
to stop and SMELL the ROSES.❤️

I could go on, but stated 10 in the title.

I’m grateful, at 58 my immune system fought it back into submission.

I’ll be emerging from this stronger than ever!

“You see more people walking now. With children, dogs. We always wave from our front porch and think if they just keep on walking that direction, pretty soon they’ll find themselves out on the prairie. Think of that. An aerial view of all these kind, goodhearted, small-town people, kids in tow and dogs on leashes, walking across the prairie in a kind of trance, a kind of resignation.” 
― David Searcy

Counting Blessings

That’s what I’m doing, how about you?

Cheers, Christopher

I hope you found some value in this article, if you did please follow the links below for more of my recent work, maybe another will resonate. Until next time, Cheers, Christopher

© Christopher Boswell 2020. All Rights Reserved. Take it seriously.

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