When refugees were fleeing across shark-infested waters, their smugglers cruelly fed them to hungry sharks.

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Each year, countless migrants from sub-Saharan Africa endeavor to cross the Mediterranean Sea in pursuit of a better life in Europe. This expedition is often precarious, and the circumstances can be exceedingly hazardous, with multitudes of migrants journeying on cramped, unstable boats that lack the necessary equipment for a safe passage.

In one instance, smugglers savagely fed refugees fleeing across shark-infested waters to the sharks themselves.

It is disconcerting to acknowledge the horror and brutality that some migrants may confront, such as the risk of drowning, exposure to the elements, and the possibility of exploitation, abuse, and even murder by smugglers and traffickers. These incidents underscore the immense dangers and hazards that numerous migrants face when attempting to cross borders in search of better prospects.

However, the decision to migrate is often motivated by despair and a yearning for a better life, as many migrants hail from countries plagued by poverty, conflict, and persecution. Despite the risks, many individuals may feel that they have no alternative but to undertake the journey in the hopes of a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

It is imperative that the international community collaborates to address the underlying causes of migration, including poverty, conflict, and a dearth of opportunities in the countries of origin, and to establish safe and legal channels for migration. This encompasses providing protection to refugees and asylum seekers, in addition to investing in development and humanitarian aid in the countries of origin. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that migrants are treated with dignity and respect and have access to their basic human rights, regardless of their legal status.

The Gulf of Aden is a well-known region for human smuggling and irregular migration from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan to Yemen, and it is a perilous journey for those who attempt it. The calm waters during the months of September and October make it an optimal time for human smugglers and refugees to undertake the crossing, despite the ongoing dangers.

Apart from the risk of being apprehended by authorities or falling victim to human smugglers and traffickers, the journey across the Gulf of Aden is replete with additional dangers, including piracy, extreme weather conditions, and the presence of sharks. Numerous migrants have lost their lives attempting this journey, and those who do make it to their destination often face challenging living conditions and difficult circumstances.

It is crucial to hold those responsible for committing crimes against migrants accountable for their actions and to provide support and assistance to those who have been affected by such abuses. It is only through collaboration and upholding the fundamental principles of human dignity and justice that we can establish a world where all individuals can live securely, freely, and with opportunities.


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