The unpredictable scenario of the World at present.


Science proved that the Universe is chaotic and unpredictable: -

It is a confirmed thing that we live in a universe that is fully chaotic and unpredictable. This was scientifically proven in the mid-twentieth century. It further said that hidden deep within that chaos there are some set surprising patterns. If we are ever able to fully understand them, might lead to some deeper revelations. Below is the picture of this chaotic theory given by the scientists: -
Chaotic and Unpredictable Theory of the

But I am not talking about this chaotic setup here in my article. I am referring to the present-day scenario-which we might term as the geo-political one getting chaotic with a huge unpredictable forecast. Look how to a layman the present setup appears?

Russia-Ukraine war has already caused devastation leading further to Unpredictability: -

America and the NATO countries on one side and Russia getting the timely affirmation from China on the devastating ongoing Ukraine war. Some countries playing very safe and posing to be friendly to both fronts and at the same time not interested in the violent approach any further. How can the good sense prevail on the human race to spread peace and happiness all over? The war has gone into almost a complete month and the devastation to date has been enormous. Now that the emergency summits are being organized at Brussels by the NATO countries and the USA being the prominent country besides powerful Europe including the UK-let all of us hope to have some sensible way out to put a stop to the same.

Nuclear Threats causing the further chaotic and tense situation: -

The open threats from both sides for the nuclear weapons to be used is surely going to lead the whole world to the fast destruction and we must not forget our past world wars-which made certain countries so wrecked that those countries still have the human races taking birth with the deformities as a result of the nuclear attacks so many decades back.

Hardly had we come out of Pandemic-War has complexed the scenario: -

As luck would have it we have just started coming out slowly from the pandemic adversities. Although still, we have certain areas like S. Korea and surrounding areas where the pandemic is causing a big worry. Concerning COVID-19, the pandemic has exacerbated the world's most terrible helpful calamities and impelled the impoverishment, rising living expenses, disparity, and joblessness that fuel well-known outrage. The financial hurt COVID-19 is causing could strain a few nations to a limit. Even though it's a jump from discontent to dissent, from dissent to emergency, and from emergency to struggle, the pandemic's most exceedingly awful side effects may yet lie ahead.

People of the war-hit areas are the real sufferers:-

How much more agony do we the people of this world have to see? Look at the precarious condition in which the people of the war-hit areas are? More than ten million have already fled away from their homes for their safety and security. Their refuge in the adjacent countries itself talks volumes about their future. When would they be rehabilitated? With every war, the scope of progress gets the retardation in growth and countries fall ten to twenty years behind in their overall revenue creation as well as the development.

What is the analysis of War-eruption?

If we analyze, the ‘conflict’ is simply the difference or disparity in a certain level of thought process probably mixed with the heavier egos fanning the conflict to a point of no return for settlement and consequently leading this difference to the mega levels of violence or war. At such a level of political heads or the power points-these decisions of war are the detrimental factors causing large-scale devastation. Why the common human race is the resultant sufferer from all angles?

According to International Crisis Group, there are ten such countries-which have a bad and volatile situation in 2022: -

Look at the present volatile situation-where it is not only the Ukraine-which has been devastated in the war. There are many such countries where the eddy currents of volatile situations have been passing by and a close watch on their reactions also would reveal that chaotic situation has already brewed up there as well. According to the International Crisis Group, they have given the details of other countries where the situation can go from bad to worst in this year of 2022. According to them: -

“Troubling undercurrents in 2021 – from the U.S. to Afghanistan, Ethiopia, or the climate emergency – didn’t send battle deaths soaring or set the world ablaze. But as our look ahead to 2022 shows, many bad situations around the world could easily get worse.”

Besides Ukraine, the countries which have been suffering due to troubling undercurrents as per ICG are Afghanistan, Ethiopia, US v/s China, Iran v/s US + Israel, Yemen, Israel v/s Palestine, Haiti, Myanmar, and Islamist Militancy in Africa.

We find that almost all except a few have been undergoing various conflicts for quite some time and the same have been lingering on. The severity in certain situations even got converted into wars such as the war recently between Israel and Palestine but here again, the situation has not gone to such a level that we would start talking of third world war as we talk in the case of Ukraine and Russia presently.

Let us all pray for the return of peace and prosperity:-

Let us all pray that the present situation does not fuel further and take the shape of the third world war and good sense prevails on both sides to get the solution across the table because we all know that war is the cowardly escape from the problems of peace and the tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.

There are generally two different sides to a coin. As the idiom goes, there are no good guys or bad guys in a conflict, just winners or Losers. As George Orwell puts it wonderfully, "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."


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