STD Testing: What Should You Expect When Undergoing An STD Test?

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If you experience strange symptoms and believe you need STD testing or just had unprotected sexual intercourse, it’s essential to make sure you’re free of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, you may wonder what to expect during an STD test.

In addition, you’ll need to find the right place to get properly diagnosed. For example, STD testing diagnoses patients for chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV.

Once you’re in the clinic you’ve chosen, what should you expect from STD testing? We answer this question below.

Which STD Tests Will You Need?

You will speak with a nurse and/or a doctor to determine which type of STD tests you might need. You’ll answer questions regarding your symptoms, the number of partners you’ve had intercourse with, if your partner(s) have had an STD before, and how regularly you use protection.

To receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, you should be completely honest with your medical providers.

What Takes Place During an STD Test?

STD tests come in various forms, such as:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine samples
  • Swabs of multiple bodily regions

Blood Test

You will have a nurse draw blood from your arm or prick your finger.

Urine Sample

Urine samples are quick and easy. You will only need to pee in a cup.

Swabs of the Genitals, Mouth, or Sores

Your physician will take a swab of your genitals, throat, or anus to check for STDs. If you have sores or blisters, your medical provider will test them after taking a swab.

Are STD Tests Painful?

Usually, STD tests are painless. For example, urine samples and swabbing of certain bodily regions do not lead to any pain. However, since blood tests require a needle to break the skin, it may be slightly painful. Swabbing of the urethra or cervix can also be uncomfortable.

How Long Does It Take to Receive STD Results?

The STD tests themselves only take a few minutes, but the length of time you spend at the clinic depends on the number of patients and wait time. The STD test results can often take days or weeks to come back. However, some tests like the rapid HIV test take only about 20 minutes to show results.

What Should You Do If You Are Diagnosed With an STD?

If you find out that you have a sexually transmitted disease, follow your physician’s advice on treating it. Most STDs are curable with medicine.

You should let your partner(s) know that you have been diagnosed with an STD. That way, they can be tested and treated if needed.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should understand what to expect when undergoing STD tests. All you have to do now is find the right STD testing.

After getting your STD test results and treating any potential symptoms from a sexually transmitted infection, you’ll be able to move forward.

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