Advertising has a Positive or Negative effect on Our Lives?

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It is an undeniable fact that the advertisements are a new go thing and how the technology is contributing to effective and attention-grabbing Ad’s is worth praising. Some tend to believe that it has a constructive effect on our minds, and I do somewhat agree with it. The argument over its impact keeps going on; research below will talk more about it.

Do we ever think for a second before believing in what the commercials are conveying? It depends on the individual mindset about how they perceive the information that is presented in front of them. For instance – there is a very motivating show on Netflix named The bold type where a girl named Jane writes beautifully about her personal life experiences and make the world know that they are not the only one suffering; they have people out there who are going through the same thing. I believe commercials create awareness, bring out the truth about the variety of products and businesses in the market.

Moving further, there are websites/sources that viral the fake advertisements, which in turn leads to miscommunication as well wrong choices. Trusted sources such as magazines, newspapers and verified social media accounts should be taken seriously in order to avoid any harm. People before publishing should make sure they are showing the correct news in order to maintain their goodwill with their viewers.

All in all, ill pen down by claiming that commercials do motivate people, bring awareness to society, but it all comes down to one’s fair judgement and not indulging oneself in fraud. Right interpretation can lead to reaching heights and have a positive influence on us. The entire discussion focus on the positive influence and individuals interpreting skills.

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