Children should be educated in Single Sex School or in Mixed Schools. Which are Better?

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Schools are the places where pupils start learning their behavioral and moral values. Every parent wants the best school for their children. Some people think single-sex schools are better than co-education. At the same time, others are apprehensive about this notion. However, I am inclined to advocate that it is better to send boys and girls to the same school.

There are several reasons to send children to the same school. First of all, there is no gender discrimination taking place in such schools. Both boys and girls get an equal level of facilities. Nowadays, everyone wants to choose a profession according to their choice. To cite an example, being a male, Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the renowned chefs in India, and being a girl Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian lady who went to space.
Children should be educated in Single Sex School or in Mixed Schools. Which are Better?Canva

Furthermore, both sexes get to know how to interact with the opposite gender and get to know how to work professionally and personally. For instance, if the child learned in a unisexual environment, they will easily adjust while working with the opponent sex.

On the other hand, If children go to a separate school, they will be more focused on their studies. Sometimes friendships between males and females create chaos in their immature minds and ruin their life an early age. Another reason is child feel more comfortable while studying as they do not have any distractions around them.

To conclude, some people think the single-sex school is much comfortable for kids as they feel secure. However, In my opinion, while studying in a unisex school child learn about how to adjust with the opposite sex and make them comfortable even if they are working professionally or personally.

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