Does Nation Cooperation Play an Important Role in Solving Critical Problems of The World?

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Solving problem in the crucial crisis of the world is only possible by providing helping hands among the nations. I completely agree with this line of thought. The discourse ahead will enunciate ideas in favor of my belief.

Firstly, nation cooperation plays a vital role in solving a critical problem of the world because if we intend to help each other by providing the expertise of the knowledge sharing, high-tech types of equipment, and financial aid during this crucial period of time. These eventually solve and reduce the problem and also feel strong and confident to fight against the urgent problem. To illustrate, Covid – 19 have made our life very vulnerable, and it is very difficult to survive these diseases if we do not help each other. In such circumstances, it is necessary to have nation collaboration in order to fight against this problem very easily.
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Secondly, the government should make such scheme and agreement that every nation should help each other during their tough times whenever it is required. So in that way, mutual understanding and bonding between nations will improve. Sharing the technology and high-tech equipment will help the country to resist the problem and also reduce the jealously of showing who is a powerful nation in the world. In such a crucial situation, one should focus more on helping each other in order to survive, and later it will benefit one’s nation.

To conclude, nation cooperation is necessary in order to survive the urgent emergency. So working together makes the nations feel strong and powerful during this crucial time.

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