Should We need to force to Learn Foreign language to Children?

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In the contemporary era, learning different languages are most popular in society. Many people believe that if pupils are not able to learn a foreign language, parents and teachers do not have to force them. I agree with this statement, but foreign languages are also very essential for every individual.

To begin with, at child age they have a lot of grasping power, so they can learn everything easily but parents and educators their responsibility that they do not force them to learn a foreign language. The reason for this, kid mind is very sensitive if someone forces them for anything, so negative impact on children—for example, the survey conducted on children behaviour. A child mind is very sensitive, and something happens to them that negative memory stays with their lifetime.
Should We need to force to Learn Foreign language to Children?Canva

On the other hand, in the modern generation, if a person knows many languages, it is good for their career. There are people in society who believe that children learn different languages such as English and French because that will help them when they visit foreign countries and get a job in various locations. For instance, the survey conducted by the education system said that the language barrier is necessary for modern life and better work-life.

Children are not required to learn a foreign language. Many of them are able to communicate in English, both orally and in writing. This is because most children understand English due to its wide usage. However, it does not mean that they never need to learn a foreign language. They might be required to do so for certain purposes or conditions, then learning languages will be inevitable .For example ,if these children live in a foreign country, they need to learn the language of that country. In Britain , for example, pupils are required to learn a second language from age 7 . It is considered that learning languages will improve children's academic performance.

Generally speaking ,the younger children are, the easier it is for them to master another language. Therefore , it's recommended that children should be taught a foreign language when they are at preschool or elementary school. Children can learn languages in different ways, which include hearing the sound of the language, learning its writing ,saying words aloud and so on. If given enough time, children will master the language without even being aware of it.

In conclusion, from my point of view, parents do not make their pupils forcefully learn, if children do not want to study it, their decision has to be respected.

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